All My Children Update Thursday 11/2/00

All My Children Update Thursday 11/2/00

By Merilee   

PVI dining room  

Ryan is sitting at a table with Leslie and Brooke is sitting at a table with Laura. Edmund gets a phone call. The two English women are discussing the possibility of Laura coming to work at Tempo. The girl tells her mother that she overheard some girls talking about Bianca and they think she got the job of young Miss Enchantment because of Erica. Laura does not want to get a job like that. Brooke says she understands and with that Edmund comes back. He sits down and starts talking about an assignment for Laura. He tells her that he has seen her work and that he has the perfect job for her. Brooke assures her daughter that she knows nothing about this and Laura accepts. She tells them that she has to make a phone call to her friend in China and leaves. The talk between the two of them turns to Eliot. She tells Edmund that Eliot is staying around because of her. They start talking about him and Alex and Dimitri. Edmund admits that he is still in love with his brother's wife but that he has to learn to live without her.   

Wildwind Dimitri looks like he is pacing the floor. Alex comes in and he starts questioning about what she was doing with Edmund. She tells him some of what they talked about but not all. Dimitri doesn't seem to happy with the explanation and he tries to press further but Alex tells him that it is confidential. It seems like she wants to go riding again and I think he is going to join her. He leaves and Alex makes a phone call to Edmund. She wants to know if he has talked to the doctor at the hospital. Edmund says no and that he has decided to go get his own doctor.   

PVI dining room Leslie is trying to finish up with business and introduce some fun in the conversation but Ryan is having none of it. Tad joins them. Across the room, Gillian and Jake are having breakfast. Back at Ryan's table, he excuses himself. Tad and Leslie are left on their own. He is trying to convince her that he is a changed man but she isn't buying any of it. She reminds him of all the family members that he cheated with. She tells him that she has plans for Ryan. Tad looks around and sees Ryan passionately kissing (I forget her name). Gillian is also watching. Ryan comes back to the table and Tad abruptly leaves. "What was that all about?"   

David's office The office is a mess and David is waking up. He finds himself laying on the desk. He is looking around the room when nurse Amy bounces in. She wants to thank him for last night and wonders if there will be more fun like that. He remembers what happened and he quickly tells her that it will never happen again. He starts threatening her with the loss of her job if she ever speaks of last night. She asks him if he has ever heard of sexual harassment. He tells her that if she keeps her mouth shut; he will give her whatever she wants on her job. She tells him that she wants her weekends free and doesn't want to work graveyard shifts anymore. She storms out but comes back in. She flings a sweater at him and leaves. He starts to pick up things but is stopped again by somebody else. Dixie has come in to pick up her medical file. She does not want him to be her doctor anymore. He starts acting sick again and Dixie goes into her caring mode but he orders her out. Jake comes in and tells him that he doesn't look so good. The tension really gets ugly when a technician from the lab shows up. He has some blood test results for David. Jake leaves and David looks at the results. They are not good. David wants Gordon to do another test and offers him a cut on the project that he is working on.   

PVI bathroom Gillian goes into a stall and the blonde comes out. Leslie comes into the bathroom. The blonde and Leslie start talking about Ryan. They share their feelings for him. The conclusion: both are going after him. The blonde leaves and Leslie goes into the other stall and Gillian comes out.   

Tad's and Dixie's house Dixie looks like she is cleaning up when she gets a surprise visitor. Tad has come home and wants to make love to his wife. They start off on the couch and end up on the floor. The phone rings and Tad answers it. Tad tells her that he has to go but that he will be back as soon as possible. Dixie leaves the room and David sneaks in the house. (tomorrow will be good) 


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