All My Children Update Tuesday 10/31/00

All My Children Update Tuesday 10/31/00  

By Merilee 

SOS Erica is still talking to Greenlee. Greenlee knows she promised Leo not to say anything but she tries to beat around the bush and have Erica guess. Jackson enters the conversation. He wants to know what they are talking about. It goes on a little bit longer and the two adults leave. Greenlee takes her glass and goes to the bar. On the other side of the bar are Hayley and Mateo. She is yawning like crazy and he is trying to persuade her to go home. She tells him that she is worried about Arlene and what her next move might be. She yawns again and Mateo orders her to go home. She tells him that it would be good to cuddle up with. He tells her that he will be home as soon as possible.   

Tad and Dixie's house The two of them are still talking about David. She's trying to explain David's behavior but I don't think that Tad is really buying it. She tells him that she had those obligations because he was her boss. He reminds her that the operative word was was. They decide to go out dancing.   

SOS Adrian is on the phone with his other mother. The news is not good. David comes in and spots Erica and Jacson. He sits down at their table. Erica wants to know about his hand. He tells them about the fight at the hospital. He wants Jackson to be his lawyer. Jackson wants to know who did this to   him. "Jake Martin." Jackson declines the case and tells David that he would be better off forgetting the whole thing. Later, Dixie and Tad come in. David is sitting at the bar watching everything. Tad takes a call from his father. He hangs up and tells Dixie that Jake hasn't been seen. She tells him that she is going to the restroom. Tad makes his way to David. He wants him to stay away from Dixie. Adrian tells Tad that he will be away for a while. His father has had a stroke.   

boathouse Bianca is trying to explain her feelings to Leo. He tries to reassure her that Greenlee will not say anything. Bianca tells Leo that he is good looking in a heterosexual way. (there's a tear rolling down her face) "How can my mother understand? Leo tells her that probably most of her friends are gay. A few minutes after she leaves, Greenlee shows up. "Please, tell me that you didn't tell Erica." She assures him that she didn't but that she wanted to.   

Hayley & Mateo's apartment Hayley is asleep and dreaming. She is coming home and opens the door but things aren't right. She's walking through the apartment when she gets to the bedroom. Something frightens her and she goes back to the other room. She turns around and there is Arlene in a witch's costume. Arlene is holding a bundle and Hayley asks if that is the baby. She throws it and Hayley breaks down. Mateo appears at the door but Arlene zaps him away forever. She wakes up screaming no. There's a knock at the door and she opens it up to some kids trick-or-treating. Hayley gives them some candy and is about to close the door when she turns around. Arlene stands up. She comes in and asks her daughter for a second chance but Hayley won't have it. Hayley reminds her of the videotape. Mateo comes home. He sees Arlene and immediately makes a phone call. He tells Arlene that she has a choice: leave or go with the police. The sirens are getting closer so Arlene leaves.   

Erica's house Jackson brings Erica home. She is wondering where Bianca is because of her curfew and he tells her that she and Leo probably stopped off for something to eat. Bianca comes in and Jackson leaves. Erica sits down and asks Bianca how her evening went. But, Bianca wants to know how her mother's evening went.  

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