All My Children Update Tuesday 10/24/00

All My Children Update Tuesday 10/24/00

By Merilee


Bianca is at her locker.  Shannon and two others are at another locker
talking with Marcus.  They want to know who he is taking to the Halloween
Dance.  He tells them that he hasn't asked her yet.  Back to Bianca's locker.
 She is asking him about homework.  He tells her that the only thing he did
was read up on Romeo and Juliet and that has given him an idea.  He has a
costume for Romeo and that he would like to take her to the Halloween dance
as his Juliet.  Shannon and the girls overhear this but remain silent. 
Bianca keeps coming up with excuses until finally Leo arrives.  That makes
Marcus mad and he and the girls leave.  Bianca thanks him for rescuing her
yet again. 


Erica is busy in her office when Jackson appears.  She immediately thanks him
for reuniting her with Bianca.  She says that her daughter woke up with a
smile on her face and she left her happily singing her way to homeroom.  The
phone rings and Erica answers it.  Her mood changes from happy to sad and she
hangs up.  Jack asks her what is wrong.  She explains that the Miss Teen
Enchantment promotion is in trouble.  It seems that the 17 year old girl they
hired for the promotion is really 26 and is a porno star.  She has been in 3
porno flicks.  He asks her which ones.  Erica says that she has to go to the
promotions department for damage control and wants him to go with her.  As
soon as they are out of earshot, Bianca and Leo go into the office.  She
takes out a book and asks Leo how he did in math.  The talk turns to biology
and he tells her that he hated everything but the frogs.  She disagrees with
him and just then Erica is back.  She wants them to be still.  She tells her
daughter that she has hit upon an idea.  She thinks that Bianca should be the
next Miss Teen Enchantment.

PVI bar

Mateo tells Haley that he thinks Arlene faked the miscarriage and that he has
an idea to get her to confess.  She is still unsure but gives him the go
ahead.  They look in the bar and tells him that Arlene and Vanessa are
together.  They go in and Haley and Vanessa leave.  Mateo takes her empty
seat.  He tries to beat around the bush about everything that has happened. 
But, Arlene is not budging.  She is sticking to her story and finally tells
him that she doesn't understand why he is doing this to her.  Just then;
Vanessa and Haley appear.  Arlene asks Vanessa to take her home but before
she leaves she tells Mateo that she forgives him.  (oh, brother)

David's office

David is asleep on the couch and dreaming of Dixie.  Both of them have just
come out of surgery and she is telling him how remarkable he was.  The dream
gets heated and the two start pawing each other.  He wakes up to find Dixie
hovering over him.  She says that he did a very good job in surgery.  They
start talking about the research project and she tells him how excited she is
that she will be helping.  He tells her that there is one thing he is worried
about.  The animosity that Jake is showing him.  He asks Dixie if she will
put in a good word for him.  She agrees and he tells her that she can use his
phone.  He leaves but is listening outside his door as she places the call to
her brother-in-law.


Dr. Fleischmann has the test results for Jake.  Jake looks at them and
decides to go ahead with the project.  The other man reminds him that he
can't practice medicine during the project.  Jake tells him that he will take
a medical leave.  Gillian enters the room.  She wants to tell him the truth
about her and Ryan.  Jake tells her that he doesn't want to hear his name. 
Later, while Dixie is talking to Jake in David's office; David is snooping in
Jake's locker.  He finds the stuff he wants and reads it.  He is surprised to
discover that Jake is the subject and that he is impotent.  He hurriedly puts
the stuff back in the locker and leaves the room.  He is stopped by a woman
named Lela Haden.  She wants his help.  She wants to do some work for him in
exchange for medical help with her pregnancy.  She tells him that she was at
the county hospital the other day and she had to wait 8 hrs. before she saw a
dr.  David reminds her that hospital policy does not allow them to help. 
Their words get heated and Jake and Gillian and a bunch of staff are
listening to the whole thing.  Lela hurriedly leaves and Gillian goes chasing
after her.  David has gone back to the on call room and Jake follows.  David
says that it was very unprofessional to berate him in front of other staff. 
Jake reminds him of what he did to that girl.  The last straw is that David
demands a public apology from Jake.


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