All My Children Update Thursday 10/19/00

All My Children Update Thursday 10/19/00

By Merilee 

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Haley comes in and announces to Becca that Liza is taking the day off and has
left her in charge.  She is about to embark on her first duty when Ryan
enters with three women draped on him.  He tells Becca and Haley that he
wants to rent the studio for the day.  He wants to shoot a commercial for his
company.  The place is set up with the three models in front of the camera
and Ryan finishes it with some background of some sites and him talking.  He
asks Becca and Haley for their opinions.  Haley says that it was fine but
there was one thing missing.  "You."  The studio is set up again and this
time it is Ryan doing the commercial.  Haley and Becca and the girls tell him
that he did a fantastic job.  Becca tells him that she will be calling the
company after the commercial airs.


Jake and Gillian are treating some pediatric patients to some Halloween
stories.  A little girl asks him if she will get out of the hospital before
then.  Jake says he hopes so but that there is a haunted house in the
hospital and to make things even worse; they will serve food from the
cafeteria.  (yuck)  Jake starts telling them stories about a mask.  He gets
up and goes over to Gillian.  The children are all begging him to kiss her. 
A nurse comes in with a package for Dr. J. Martin and gives it to Joe.  Joe
is in the hall with the nurse and looking over the contents.  David adds his
two cents about the Androssy foundation.  He asks for particulars.  Joe tells
him that it is none of his business.  Back outside, Gillian and Jake are
about to kiss when Joe asks to speak to him.  He shows Jake the package and
reminds his son that this drug has not passed the FDA.  Jake says that he is
aware of this but (looking at Gillian) he wants to try anything.   Later,
Gillian is talking to David.  He's trying to find out information but she
tells him to mind his own business.  Jake approaches and asks to speak to
David alone.  He says that he does not like David and that he wants him to
leave his wife alone.  Later, Jake and Gillian are back outside dancing when
he tells her that he is hungry.  He wants to take her out.  She agrees.  They
tell Joanie where they are going on their way out.  They leave and David
approaches Joanie.  He wants to know where Jake went and she tells him.  He
makes a call to Dixie and tells her that he will be going out.


Leo asks Greenlee to repeat what she just said.  She tells him that when it
comes to money; her grandpa always marks the money.  He starts to panic.  He
wants her to go walk along the beach.  She reluctantly leaves and he calls
the manager of the hotel.  He says that he wants all of his money back.  The
manager appears and Leo starts complaining about the accommodations and the
jewelry.  The manager tells him that the hotel has a policy not to return
money but to do something else.  (I forget what it is)  Greenlee comes back
and wants to know what is going on and why the man is taking her jewelry. 
The manager introduces himself as he leaves the room.  Greenlee lights into
Leo.  She says that she should have been suspicious when Leo started flashing
money.  He finally tells her what happened with Wade.  She starts packing. 
She leaves (taking the dog with her) and slams the door behind her.


Bianca is talking with her mother and Miss Singer.  Erica just wants to know
what is going on with her daughter.  Bianca says that she will tell her
everything.  The adults follow the girl into an empty classroom.  Biancca
starts by admitting that something did happen in rehab.   She met a girl who
persuaded her to join a cult.  They became moon maidens and they were waiting
for Diana.  The speech is over and Miss Singer assures Bianca that her door
is always open.  The two are left alone.  Bianca acts like she's going to
open up but then Erica opens her mouth.  The girl says that she never said
that and then it dawns on her that Erica read her private diary.  (Sorry, I
didn't catch the last few minutes between them.)


Leo and Greenlee are at the bar.  She reminds him that they probably wouldn't
be home if he hadn't paid off the pilot in a marked bill.  They start to
leave.  Derrick asks the bartender if he has the marked bill.  Derrick places
Leo under arrest and the last we see of them is all of them going downtown.

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