All My Children Update Tuesday 10/17/00

All My Children Update Tuesday 10/17/00

By Merilee 


Haley and Mateo have met up with each other.  They each have their own
separate bags.  They reach for each other and Haley's bag falls to the floor.
 The contents spill out.  Mateo wants to know what she is doing with baby
clothes.  She explains that she had bought them for the baby and was
returning them.  Mateo tells her to hang onto them because they will need it
for their own baby.  Over at the other end of the room, are Bianca and
Jackson.  Seems that Erica has asked him to keep an eye on her daughter. 
Bianca tells her uncle that she has to go get something personal and she will
be right back.  Time goes by and Haley and Mateo are ready to leave.  They
see Jackson and he tells them that he has lost Bianca.  "Have you two seen
her?"  They tell him no but volunteer to help look for her.  Jackson declines
and they leave.  Bianca comes around the corner.  Jackson is talking to some
girls that will go to Bianca's school.  Shannon, Mindy, and Heather.  The 4
girls are at first put off but then one of the three recognizes the name
Montgomery and they all realize that Bianca is Erica Kane's daughter.  When
the other girls finally do leave, it's just Bianca and Jackson.  He starts
talking to her and Bianca hesitates.  "For a moment, you sound just like my

Chandler mansion

Liza is watching the video tape of the argument between her and Arlene.  Adam
comes in and Liza cuts it off.  She tells him that they can never be together
because of what happened.  She says she blames herself for Arlene losing the
baby.  He doesn't blame her and tells her that it was an accident.  She tells
him that the proof of her pushing her is on the tape.  He takes the tape out
of the vcr and puts it in the trash can.  She tells him that there is nothing
between them anymore.  Adam excuses himself and tells her not to move.  She
takes the tape out of the trash.  In minutes, Adam is back with Colby.  He
reminds Liza that this is what they have to share together. 


Edmund and Dimitri are still exchanging words.  Dimitri tells his brother
that he cannot sell Wildwind because it belongs to Sam and Maddie, too. 
Eddie reminds him that Hugo willed it to him and he can do anything with it
that he wants.  Alex comes in and tries to play peacemaker.  She finally gets
Dimitri to leave with her but not before he tells Edmund that he will buy the
castle.  Eddie tells him that he is not the kind of buyer he wants.  Later,
Edmund is there by himself when Alf appears.  He tells Eddie that he is weak
and reminds him of all the horrible boyhood stuff.  Edmund tries to get him
to leave by throwing a glass at him but he just reappears somewhere else.

hunting lodge

Alex is telling Dimitri that Edmund has changed.  He was a very different
person while Dimitri was gone.  She suggests that they leave for Europe as
soon as possible but Dimitri won't hear of it.  "This place belongs to Anton,
Sam, and Maddie."


Mateo has a present for Haley.  It's a charm bracelet and one of the charms
is a key.  "It's a key to my heart."  He tells her that there is plenty of
room to add other stuff.  That night, while they are in bed, Haley gets up
and goes to the dresser.  She takes the baby clothes and lays them gently in
the drawer.  Mateo comes up behind her.



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