All My Children Update Wednesday 10/4/00

All My Children Update Wednesday 10/4/00

By Laura 


Ryan and Gillian are talking and Ryan doesn't understand why she hasn't told Jake the truth yet. Gillian tells him she has not reunited with Jake and that Jake is her husband and he needs to try and understand. Ryan says he is trying to understand and asks Gillian if she slept with Jake? He asks her if she made love with him. She goes on to say she couldn't tell him and Ryan tells her " sleeping with him will not make you feel better" Than Ryan looks at her and says" you did". Gillian yells it's not like that. Ryan tries to talk to her and she keeps telling him to let it go. Gillian says there is complications and Ryan said with what?" With his injury?" Oh My God ! Jake can't make love" Gillian tells him about the nerve damage with his spine and tells him what Jake told her about him wanting to let her go. Ryan  says" than it is over, he is releasing you.

Pine Valley Motel:

Leo and Mr. Greenly are standing outside the motel talking and Leo is telling him about Greenly living there. While they are talking a cheap and tacky looking prostitute walks up to them calling Mr. Greenly " big daddy" and hits up on him. While they're still discussing Greenlys living arrangements Mr. Greenly turns around and there is a bum asking him for money now. The bum than refers Leo and Mr. Greenly as boyfriends. Oh that just really got to Mr. Greenly.


Brooke's House:

Hank and Brooke are face to face and Hank is real upset about losing his son and lets her know. Brooke tells him she would forget that  it happened and she would go in the kitchen and told him to leave. Hank doesn't go for it and is going on about them kidnapping his son . Brooke tells him its his own fault for abusing his son and scaring him.


Adam opens the front door and it is Hayley. She wants to talk about adopting his and Arlene's baby. She's going on about how her and Mateo will be good parents and that they have been wanting a family. She wants Adam to sign all rights and custody over to them. That it would be the only way it would work between Adam and Liza.

Pine Valley Motel:

Mr. Greenly comes in Greenlys room and she has a black eye. He is all concerned and tells her he will pay for her to stay at the Pine Valley Inn and he would give her money for living expenses.
Greenly is happy and thanks him. Mr. Greenly leaves and Greenly turns around in delight and hugs Leo telling him what a great plan he had and how did he do it? Leo said there are a lot of struggling actors who are willing to make a few bucks. They start hugging and kissing, they end up in each others arms and they make love.

Jake's house:

Liza came by to let Jake see Colby. Told him how much they missed him. They asked about each others love life, and talked about his injury. Liza is getting ready to leave and Jake thanks her and Liza tells him she wouldn't have it any other way, that she wants him in Colby's life.


Hayley is going on about that she knows that this is difficult and she just wants to bring happiness. Adam says "alright" he will let them adopt the baby If it means getting Liza he would be a grandfather to Arlene's baby. When he said that Arlene walked in and heard him. She had a shocked face on her.

Back at Wildwind Ryan is begging Gillian to tell Jake the truth and Gillian tells him she can't tell him now not when he needs her. Ryan says" i can't live without you" Gillian says it will be just for awhile and that she loves Ryan. Ryan walks out on her and she's yelling for him , but he kept going.


Hank starts telling Brooke a drunk driver hit your little girl, a cop on the sauce. That his name is Josh Maleski. That a police officer hit her daughter and the law did a job on her too. Brooke calls him a sick bastard and tells him to leave. He keeps going on about how he wants his son back. Brooke starts running and he chases her and grabs her. Elliot shows up in time and Hank punches him. Brooke runs out of the way and Elliot jumps on Hank, than Hank knocks him out of his way. Brooke grabs a metal fireplace poker to protect herself. Elliot jumps on Hank again and there is a struggle and Elliot knocks him out and he falls to the ground.
Brooke turns to Elliot and asks him what was Hank talking about? Elliot grabs her shoulders and looks at her and tells her he has been wanting to tell her something for awhile. Hank jumps up at that time and yells to them" tell Her" Elliot says to Brooke " I'm Josh Maleski" " I'm the man who killed your daughter". Brooke looks stunned and in disbelief....................

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