All My Children Update Tuesday 10/3/00

All My Children Update Tuesday 10/3/00

By Laura 

Erica's House:

Leo walks down Erica’s stairs when he gets into the living room he stubs
his toe on the coffee table. Erica walks in making it obvious that she's
glad he hurt his toe. Erica says to him” how dare you”. Leo starts saying i
haven’t even had my coffee yet. Erica asks him why he abandoned her
sixteen year old daughter at SOS.Leo tells Erica she told me to leave
her.So Erica threatens to kick him out bianca walks in the room and
tells Erica "if you kick Leo out i'm right behind him.

Court House:

The judge ruled in favor for Ricky to be in Brookes and Elliots
temporary custidy.Elliot tells Ricky his dad needs help.Ricky says he
won't he's to stubborn and mean.Hank walks up to them and starts telling
them that thier a phoney family and the judge can't stop him.He said he
can raise his son and that Brooke and Elliot better think again.

The Martins house:

Jake walks in his room and Gillian was waiting for him.Gillian asks him
where  he was and why he took so long.Jake tells her he went for a long
walk to think.Gillian tells him what happened last night happens its
part of recovery and he's tired and they were rushing.Gillian tells him
they can try again and kisses him.Jake pushes her away and tells her it
is not going to work.


Ryan is still waiting for Gillian and thinking about what she had said
to him"I'll be with you soon.Back at Jakes him and Gillian are still
talking about why he could'nt make love to her.He tells her he did'nt
want to accept it and did'nt want to believe it was true.He said he
wants to make love to her and he can't live like this.

Pine Vally Court House:

Jack walks up to Brooke and Elliot  and Hank(Rickys dad) is still going
on to Brooke threatening her. Jacks trying to get Hank to leave and
Elliot tells Hank he better quit insulting Brooke. The police show up and
escort Hank out. Jake tells Ricky he is driving right by his school and
will drop him off. Ricky tells Brooke he will be at her house after
school and stopping by the community center.
    Brooke and Elliot start talking and she’s telling him to quit
punishing himself to forgive himself. That everything will fall in
place.She tells him he deserves to be loved and that Ricky needs him and
someone like him.She says"don't leave him.Elliot turns around and says "

Ericas house:

Greenly walks in the living room where everyone is talking with a plate
in her hand.Erica is real upset and wants to know what she is doing
there.Leo tells her she has no where to go.Erica tells them she knows
that she slept in her laundry room and to quit making a fool of
her.Erica than grabs the plate from her and tells her to leave.As Leo
and Greenly walk out Leo says thanks for your time and
understanding..Erica turns to Bianca and tells her she understands
now.She tells her she's tring to replace her dad with a older man.She
also says that she thinks Bianca is falling for Leo and that they will
get throught this.
Outside on the porch leo and Greenly are discussing what she is going to
do.That she does not want to go to California.Leo says he has a
plan.Greenly says "somewhere besides this place being patroled by cat
woman in pumps"

Jakes Room: Jake is telling Gillian he did'nt expect her to be faithful
after what he did and he's going to let her go.Jake than asks Gillian to
leave and to take her clothes and to be out before he gets home.Jake
leaves and Gillian looks upset and calls Ryan and tells him she will be
right over.

Ericas house:

Erica and Bianca are still talking and Bianca is saying she misses her
dad.Erica is asking Bianca for forgiveness , Bianca says okay and she is
not mad.Erica tells Bianca she was just worried about her and about what
happened to her.Bianca is real upset wondering what she is talking
about.Erica tells her she is talking about when she was in rehab.and
that Jack and her stepmother told her she was on the internet all the
time and that all of a sudden she quit.So she thought she got her heart
broken by a boy.Erica tells her she is just trying to protect her and
she knows it hurts.,Bianca just tells her to leave it alone.Erica tells
her she loves her and she just wants to help her and than Erica starts
crying saying "i just want to be your mother but you won't let me"

Back at the courthouse Hank is speaking to the police telling them "what
would you do" The police officer tells Hank "thats the Rev. Freeman , he
was in Statesville, he used to be a cop and that he was the one who
killed Brookes little girl.He also told him he had his face rearranged
from a fight.
Rev. Taylor and Elliot are discussing how much Elliot loves Brooke and
that he was trying to deny it.

Back at Wildwind Ryan  is still waiting for Gillian and he is
daydreaming of them being together and making love.Gillian walks in they
hugged and they both were just staring at each other.

At Ericas house Erica is crying real hard and Bianca is telling her she
hates when she crys .They sit on the couch together and Bianca tells her
she is sorry and gives her a long hug.Erica says she is sorry and tells
her she is not a baby anymore and she knows she is full of hurt and pain
and that it's killing her.

Leo calls Mr.Greenly and tells him it's about his grandaughter.
Jake comes home and Gillian is gone, he picks up their picture and
throws it in the drawer.
At Wildwind Gillian tells Ryan she could'nt tell Jake.Ryan asks her if
she slept with Jake last night.Than their both just looking at each

Brookes house:

Brooke walks up to her front door and looks up and sees a big hole in
the glass.She looks on the ground and sees broken glass on the floor
with blood on it.Brooke turns around and comes face to face with

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