All My Children Update Friday 9/29/00

All My Children Update Friday 9/29/00

By Laura Putnam

At Adams house Liza and Adam are laying on the couch kissing and
declaring their love. Liza tells Adam " she wants to be with him right
now, she doesn't want to wait. She wants to be together now with her
,Adam and Colby Adams trying to tell her about Arlene but Liza keeps on
talking, ignoring what he's trying to say. She tells Adam "I think our
life should be together"
     Hayley  tells Mateo that Arlene is pregnant. Mateo says "NO NO
".Hayley "YES YES she's having a baby"!!! They both look worried and
shocked. At the other end of the bar Leos on the phone talking to
Greenly. Greenly cuts Leo off after he asks her to meet him at SOS. Bianca
walks over and tells Leo " you helped me out with the worst week of my
life" Let me return the favor, Were you talking to Greenly? Leo tells her
yes and that Greenly cut him off. Bianca is trying to get Leo to talk
about it.
        Wild wind:
     Ryan is waiting for Gillian to meet him at their secret meeting
place. Ryan set up lit candles everywhere and it looks beautiful. He than
starts daydreaming of Gillian, he's dreaming of them there making love
and of him taking off her wedding rings, and replacing them with another
ring. There's a loud knocking at the door, Ryan is excited hoping it is
Gillian, she is supposed to tell Jake the truth so her and Ryan can be
     Ryan opens the door and it's GREENLY!!!! She starts yelling at him"
what the hell are you doing here"
     Back at Jakes parents house Gillian is daydreaming about the
conversation with Joe about Jake having loss of sexual function. She
than decides she better call Ryan and reaches for her phone in a bag and
instead finds a letter. The letter was to her from Jake when he was in
Chechnya. She starts reading it and it goes on about how much he loves her
and she is his safe harbor and he can't wait to be with her again. Jake
walks in the room while Gillian is reading the letter. He declares his
love to her (again). He tells her , he was so mixed up and he didn't
leave because of her. That if he could go back in time he would never let
her go. He tells her "you kept me alive out there, you and my family.
When he 's done he returns to his room leaving Gillian upset and what
looks like to me" GUILTY" and real worried.
     Back at Wild wind Ryan and Greenlee are still going at it. She tells
Ryan" i will not be ignored" (sounds to me like Fatal Attraction). Ryan
tells her he's not going ten more rounds with her. She goes on to say "her
life is over and her grandparents are sending her to her parents" Ryan
tells her "money can't buy you everything and it can't buy you love"
    Gillian than asks what he's doing there! She figures it is to meet
Gillian. She than says" what you expect Gillian to dump her husband to
meet you here? Gillian tells him :we're the same "reaching for something
we can't have. Ryan tells her he didn't mean to hurt her. Greenlee than
says" I won't have to hurt you Jake will do it for me, than she leaves.
     Mateo is asking Hayley " how do we know Arlene is really
pregnant"? Hayley tells him about the hospital test and the home
test. Mateo says:" your mom treats her body horrible" Mateo asks tells
Hayley he thinks they should adopt Arlene's baby and give it a good home
and lots of love. Hayley agrees they should raise her baby and they can
still have their own.
    Adams house:
     Adam and Liza are lying on the couch still when Arlene walks in on
them. Arlene asks Adam if he told her.Liza says tell me what? Arlene
tells her we're expecting, Liza looks at Adam" is it true"? Adam says
it's true. Arlene says Colby can be a big sister to my baby! Liza turns to
Adam" please tell me she's drunk?" Arlene tells Liza "Adam found me in
bed and couldn't resist me and we didn't even have time to use
protection" Adam tries to touch Liza and she jumps up" don't touch me" and
yells at Arlene "you will get exactly what you deserve" Liza runs out
the front door, Arlene turns to Adam and says" I hope Wini stocked the
fridge" with her wicked smile.
     Leo and Greenly are at the docks together and Greens tells him "
she is over Ryan once and for all" She tells Leo Thank you for being
here for me and for being wonderfully reachable. Than Greenly reaches up
and wraps her arms around Leo and they start kissing.
      Gillian is at the house daydreaming what Joe has said to her" My
son needs you and loves you" Back at Wild wind Ryan is alone waiting for
Gillian looking out the window with candles in the room lit up
everywhere. Jake is at home lying in bed staring at a picture of

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