All My Children Update Thursday 9/28/00

All My Children Update Thursday 9/28/00

By Laura

Adams house:
     Hayley finds out from Arlene that Arlene is pregnant.Arlene tells
Hayley"i'm going to be the best mom and you will be proud of me.Adam
walks in and is mad that she told Hayley.He says:"celebrate aloneand get
out of my life and house".Barry is on his way over with "no fault
divorce papers.He than tells Arlene to leave the house tonight and take
the five hundred thousand and go pack.Hayley is mad at Adam,Adam says
i'm getting rid of her once and for all.
     Ericas house:
     Erica and Bianca are in a discussion about Bianca wanting to quit
school,she says she wants to travel around the world and find out what
life is about.Erica is upset and says she wants to take Bianca to the
"Netherlands or Italy on Christmas break.
Bianca tells Erica she will use the trust funds her daddy left her.Erica
told her she's being unrealistic and she will be a highschool drop-out.
     At the SOS:
     Tina was waiting for Adrian to come home and had a surprise party
for him.She drove out and picked up his parents and everything,she even
hired the band"BB Mack" to play at SOS for the evening.Adrian was
thrilled and very grateful and was hanging all over Tina.
    Back at Adams hayley and Adam discuss Arlene.Hayley tells him"
Arlenes not fit to raise a kitten let alone a child. "I barely got
lucky"We have know choice she has to stay.Arlene walks in during their
conversation,Adam than calls Liza and tells her instead of coming to the
house he will meet her at the "Valley Inn".He than tells Arlene she can
stay for the baby and Hayley only.
    At Ericas,Jack lets Erica know about the conversation he had with
Barbara.He said after Bianca got out of rehab she was always on the
computer and they think it was with another boy.Barbara told her not to
spend that much time on and Bianca totally shut down after that.Than she
would'nt have anything to do with the computer after that.So everyone
thinks she is suffuring from a broken heart.
     Hayley tells Adam he's doing the right thing! While Arlene and Adam
are discussing the arangments of her staying Liza walks in.Everybody
just froze in their shoes.............

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