All My Children Update Wednesday 9/27/00

All My Children Update Wednesday 9/27/00

By Laura 

Bianca, Jack and Erica return from Seattle after attending Travis's funeral. They arrive at Erica's house, Bianca runs upstairs upset and won't come down for Erica. Jack says: " don't run after her Erica, back off". Leo arrives and was surprised to see them home.  Bianca hears
Leo she runs downstairs into Leo's arms.

     PVI Dining room:

     Brooke is waiting for Edmund, Edmund shows up and Brooke is trying to help him, she knows he is upset about Dimitri and Alex. Greenly's grandparents are eating there too. Greenly and Ryan show up and they get into the mess that has been created. About Wade Randall and the Three
million dollars. Greenly goes on about she did it for Ryan because she loved him, and what a fool she has been. Greenly's grandfather Woody) stands up and tells Greenly" you go back to San Diego with your parents, I'm finished as of now" Greenly is begging him to help her. Woody say's
"how could you do this to us". Greenly turns to Ryan and call's him a bastard, than says to Ryan:" do you have any idea what you've done to me?" They both leave.

     Back at Jake's house, Jake and Gillian arrive home. They go upstairs to talk. Jake's telling Gillian" I blew it, i should of never have left you. He tells her he lobes and needs her. Gillian is daydreaming about her and Ryan's talk. She's remembering she went there to tell Jake the truth. Jake asks her what she wants. Later downstairs Gillian and Joe are
talking and Gillian tells Joe "I need to know what's wrong with Jake, i need to know" Joe explains that because of the injury Jake may experience sexual problems, they don't know yet". Joe asks Gillian to keep the conversation between them, not to tell Jake because Jake will tell her, he is very upset and needs you.
     Back at the dining room Edmund is upset while he's talking to Brooke, he than breaks the glass he is holding and cuts his hand open. He says he is angry at Dimitri, and blames him for everything.
     Erica and Jack are talking in the living room and Bianca and Leo go outside and talk. Bianca goes on to Leo that her dad knew she wasn't happy and he wanted her to tell him what was wrong. Bianca says" I couldn't tell him." "now i really want to and i will never get the chance!" Back at the Martins Gillian is sitting alone and say, "What am i going to do?" Than she sinks her head down in her

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