All My Children Update Tuesday 9/26/00

All My Children Update Tuesday 9/26/00

By Laura 


Arlene hung up the phone with a big smile on her face, she is really
happy she is pregnant. Back at the hospital Adam and Liza talk about
getting back together, Liza is a little worried about trusting Adam
again. She agrees to have dinner at the house with him later in the
     Meanwhile at the hospital Ryan asks Tad and Liza if he can borrow
"Three million dollars" to pay the money back he used to go to Chechnya.
Liza and Tad look at each other for a second and turn to Ryan and tell
him they can't help.
         Gillian told Ryan she was going to tell Jake the truth tonight
back at Jakes parents house. Back at the hospital Tad catches on to Ryan
and Gillian, he already suspected now he's real sure, that they are
together again. Tad and Jake talk and Jake tells Tad to help Ryan by
giving Ryan the three million and talk to the prosecutor on his behalf.
Jake says: "I don't want to owe him anything "And he won't lose Gillian to
      Back at Adams house Adam comes home to get dinner ready for
Liza. He than finds out Arlene is still there. Arlene comes downstairs
and tells Adam "i have a surprise for you". Arlene than hands Adam a cigar
and tells him she's pregnant. Adam thinks she's lying and so Arlene
calls Winifred in and tells her to go get a pregnancy test. Winifred gets
back with it and Adam demands Winifred to stay in the bathroom with
Arlene while she takes the test.
     Arlene and Winifred come downstairs and they confirm that Arlene is
indeed pregnant. Adam has a very shocked and worried look on his
face. While Arlene is beaming with delight and going on about having
another baby!!!!!!!!!!


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