All My Children Update Monday 9/25/00

No All My Children Update Monday 9/25/00

By Laura 

Jake and Gillian come home from Chechnya. Meanwhile Ryan is still in
jail, Adrian shows up to let Ryan know that Jack is out of town because
his brother died. Adrian says he 's going to try to get him out of jail
and he wants Ryan to go to a press conference at the hospital for Jake
and Gillian.
      At the docks Leo sets up a beautiful picnic for Greenlee. Caviar
, champagne, the works. Back at Adams house Marian and Liza get Arlene
out of the attic. They bring her downstairs and Arlene looks real
sick. Arlene jumps up and runs in the bathroom and gets sick. Marian
looks at Liza and says: "Did you?" They look at each other in horror. Liza
states "It was just a joke "Marian says:"she's not a ordinary rat" Marian
and Liza rush Arlene to the hospital.
     Meanwhile Adam is being released from the hospital. Adam and Mateo
are looking for Jake because Adam wants to apologize  to him. Back in
Ryan's jail cell Gillian shows up. She saw in the paper at the hospital
that Ryan was arrested . Gillian tells Ryan she's not ready to tell Jake
the truth about them. Gillian ststes: "he's not ready, he needs me" Ryan
says "but i need you too "Adrian shows up , he got Ryan out on bail and he
tells Gillian to leave. He wants to take Ryan to the press conference at
the hospital. To show he took the money to help rescue Jake.
     Back at the hospital Marian and Liza Rush Arlene in the E.R. Arlene
isYelling "these women are trying to kill her"The doctors take Arlene and
down the the hall Adam and Mateo see this going on. Adam is flattered at
what Liza did, they talk and decide to go out for coffee. Arlene was
released, they said she was'nt poisoned and they would call her with the
      Back at the docks Leo and Greenlee Start dancing and drinking
Champagne, they end up in a embarrassing in a romantic kiss.
     At the hospital on the way to get their coffee Adam and Liza run
into Jake and Gillian. Adam tells Jake "I really am sorry the way i
treated you." I know i can't take away the pain but please forgive
me? "As he's trying to shake Jakes hand Jake says " Colby was my life and
you took her away from me " than turned around and walked away. Liza hugs
     Arlenes at Adams house talking with Hayley. Hayley is telling her to
leave " that Adam doesn't want her and to start over somewhere else with
the money Adam offered her. Arlene wants to stay but is walking out the
door when the phone rings. Arlene answers it , it's the doctor from the
hospital. The doctor says "your test results are fine, your
pregnant! Congratulations!!! Arlene smiles, PREGNANT!!!!!!!
Back at Pine Valley Hospital the press conference began. Ryan was there
with Adrian watching as the press questioned Jake and Gillian. The press
said "Mrs.Martin you must really love your husband to risk your life, you
must give him a kiss. Jake and Gillian kiss as Ryan looks crushed in the

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