All My Children Update Thursday 9/21/00

All My Children Update Thursday 9/21/00

By Laura

Leo and Greenlee are making out and Leo gets a wild idea to go out in the boat and make love under the stars.  He falls in the lake and emerges wet and fishy.  They return to Erica's so he can get cleaned up.  Bianca falls all over him and wants to see him in private.  Erica fills in Greenlee on what happened to Travis.

Ryan returns from his trip to find his apartment has been ransacked.  His computers and files are lying everywhere.  Derek arrives and makes his arrest.  Ryan calls Jack, who says he is in the middle of a personal crisis and will come to see him in the jail tomorrow.   TOMORROW???  Greenlee gives her sympathy to Bianca and leaves.  She goes to visit Ryan in jail.  He is pacing,  Greenlee I have been trying to get a hold of you!  Help me find out who did this to me!  Do you really want to know?  It was ME!<BR>

Adam is laying in the hospital bed smiling.  He wakes up to see Liza's face.  How long have you been here?  
Adam and Liza talk about the new chance they have been given.  Just say the word, I  will love you forever.  I'll never leave you!!

Liza says its too soon to know how she feels. She is grateful Adam is Ok, but she can't see them together again after all the lies and deceptions.  Adam did push her away when he was at his lowest point and ran to Arlene, which hurts the most of all.

Arlene sneaks into Adams room in surgical garb and wakes him.  I have something for your pain, and kisses him...

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