All My Children Update Wednesday 9/20/00

All My Children Update Wednesday 9/20/00

By Merilee

PV police station: 

Greenlee is telling LT.Derek Fry that Ryan stole the
three million dollars and shes a law abiding citizen.She wants Ryan to
pay and that he blew it on the rescue mission for Mrs. Martin.
Derek: Since he dumped you maybe you want revenge. Greens: Ryan begged for
the loan and i thought he loved me.Gramps was a silent
partner.Derek:Don't play with me or you'll land on my bad side and you
won't like the view.Greens: I'll be damned if i go to jail for

PV Dining room: 

In the hall David walks up to Junior and
says women trouble? Junior:Got that right. David:It's not fatal, i
barely survived Erica Kane and i got the T-shirt.Junior says Bianca blew
me off.David says it will be okay that nothings fair. Dixie walks up and
hears them and thanks David for talking to her son and that he's very
nice, who would of new. David says that surprises you and Dixie was
thanking him and Vanessa  walks up when Dixie is leaving and gives David
a hard time about him trying to steal another mans wife, David denies it
and Vannesa says, of course darling look who raised you.    Back in the
dining room Leo, Bianca and Junior are standing together and Bianca is
looking over at uncle Jack and Erica and they look like something is
wrong. Bianca walks over to them Mom Jack whats wrong? She says tell
me, Erica says baby, honey, the reason your father did'nt come to the
party is because he suffered a massive stroke in the evening. Bianca
turns to Jack and says take me to see him uncle Jack, Jack very  upset
says i'm sorry your dad didn't make it ..Bianca says NOOOO he's too young
he works out  are you sure they haven't made a mistake?    Jack says he
never suffered and he never woke up (Erica's crying)! Back in the PV hall
Vanessa and Palmer are talking and she tells him she's missed him, Palmer
is asking her where she got all her money. He says did aunt die (HA HA
) Vanessa says she got it from Adam Chandler, hush money.         

Back at
the police station:

 Derek tells Greenlee what a good friend she has in
Leo and Derek says get out of here. Back at the PV police Derek makes a
call and says arrest Ryan Lavery the minute he gets in Pine Valley. Also
puts a warrant out for info on "Incredible dreams. com. Leo and Greens
at the dock are talking and he says I can't believe you turned Ryan
in. Green says she wants to teach him a lesson and ruin his carrer. Leo
says but he's the love of your life, Greenlee says I wouldn't bail him
out with my gold card. Leo says a friend is all that i am to you/ Leo
and Greenlee kiss!!!(it's about time).          '

Ericas house: 

Erica's is
standing on the stairs listening to Bianca crying. Jack: How's
Bianca? Erica: she's locked in her room crying and won't answer. Jack is
real upset talking about the last time he saw Travis in Seattle and
Travis gave him a big bear hug . Erica says I loved Travis and is crying
with Jack. Than Jack said he dreads telling Chrissy and starts really
crying and hugs Erica. Bianca comes in and sees them and starts yelling
You hpocrites, you disgust me, how dare you say you loved my dad, you
betrayed him , both of you.  Back at PV dining room Murtal, Hayley,
Mateo, and Becca and Scott are talking and Becca starts saying she
misses her brother Robbie.Murtal says- make the most out of every moment
while your alive. 

Ericas House: 

Bianca is still yelling at Jack and
Erica all you care about is yourselves and you don't care what i think.
Quit treating me like i'm still sick, your screwed up and you hated my
father and ruined his life. She than saysWhy did you have to be with
uncle Jack. Jack says: we're not blameless, we made mistakes but we
resolved them. Bianca yells, crying, BULL It's Bull, it was never
resolved you did what you wanted. I hate you (Erica) and uncle Jack. I
wish You (Erica) had died instead of my dad. Why - did you have to be with
uncle Jack. Everyone is crying and Erica puts her arms out and Bianca
runs in them crying Erica's crying!


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