All My Children Update Tuesday 9/19/00

All My Children Update Tuesday 9/19/00

By Tina 

PVI Dining Room
Derek and Leo are wrestling...Leo: "Do you always pick on innocent people?"
Derek:  If she's innocent she has nothing to worry about, but if she's
covering up, thats a whole different story"
Greenlee:  "I'll go, Leo, keep my grandparents busy"

Derek: What do you know about Wade Randall and how does Incredible
figure into it?"

Greenlee: "I Know nothing, I'm being set up"

Port Charles PD

Derek:  Wade named you-  You took $3 million as a down payment for
participating in a money laundering scheme.
Greenlee:  Why would I do it?  I come from a very prestigious background!
Derek:  Exactly.... You have 10 minutes before you are officially charged,
think about it and call me if you have a statement"
He leaves.
Greenlee sees the days headlines...Local hero  in Chechyna  "I did all this
so RYAN could go to Gillian? "
Greenlee to Derek:  " I'll tell you everything, starting with the real person
who should ve arrested....RYAN LAVERY!"

Bianca's Party
Bianca calls DADDY Travis from Powder room..."Daddy, where are you?  I want
to go home!"
Erica and Bianca have a mom/daughter knock down drag out...only to be
interrupted by Millicent in the Powder room.
"Mom, there was a reporter here from the tabloids!  She knows my roomie at
the clinic!"
Hayley gives Allison the interview of a lifetime.
Allison:  "Wait, let me put this on tape...."
Mateo destroys the tape of Bianca saying she didn't want a party, etc.
Adam Junior finally  gets up the courage to ask Bianca to dance...until she
notices jack acting very Strangely...I'll take a raincheck.
Jack gets a disturbing phone call...
Erica:  "Jack....Whats wrong?"
Jack: "Sit down........Travis is DEAD!"

German Hospital
Janke looks at his own chart and the test results show some disturbing
news...there is still swelling that could lead to permanent paralysis.
Ryan:  I am leaving, you aren't going to tell Jake about us.
Gillian:  "I have to wait until he is stronger"
Ryan:  "I have to leave or I will tell him my self!"
Gillian:  " I love you!  You are my world, Ryan!"
Ryan leaves.
Jake:  Where's Ryan?
Gillian:  Went home
Jake:  "Now that you are by my side, I will get better!"

Palmer,Vanessa, Erica, Jack, Bianca

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