All My Children Update Monday 9/18/00

No All My Children Update Monday 9/18/00

By Merilee

PVI dining room

A whole lot of people have shown up for Bianca's party.  The guest list
includes:  Greenlee, Leo, Jackson, Haley, Mateo, Adam Jr., Myrtle, Dimitri,
Edmund, Alex,Beccan, and Greenlee's grandparents.  Unwanted guests are the
press and a girl named Allison who works for the press.  Allison tries to
befriend Bianca by telling her that she understands what she is going
through.  Greenlee is on the lookout for Wade.  Erica is trying to be the
perfect mother.  Jackson is trying to run interference between Bianca and the
press.  Everybody's dancing.  Haley and Mateo try to teach Jr. the fine art
of breaking in on a dance.  Allison finally asks Bianca one too many
questions.  Haley and Mateo take over and Allison goes with them.  Erica
announces the entertainment.  O Town.  They perform and Erica has another
announcement.  The lead singer asks Bianca to dance.  She runs out of the
room.  Out in the hall, Leo and Greenlee are talking.  Derek comes up and
tells her that he has some questions about embezzlement of funds and that he
wants her to go downtown to answer some questions.

German hospital

Ryan and Gillian are discussing the future.  She asks him to be more patient
until Jake gets stronger.  He tells her that he has been very patient.  Joe
comes in and Gillian goes into Jake's room.  Joe tells him that he
understands that he wanted to help with Jake but now there is nothing keeping
him here.  Joe sees the doctor go into Jake's room.  Jake is looking over his
results.  Joe comes in and Gillian goes out.  The news is not good.  Out in
the hall, Ryan tells Gillian of his discussion with Joe.

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