All My Children Update Friday 9/15/00

All My Children Update Friday 9/15/00

David's office

David and Erica are relaxing after making love.  They talk about things and
it looks like there may be a reconciliation.  (looks can be deceiving)  There
is a sound at the door and Dixie call out.  David and Erica hurriedly put
their clothes back on but not fast enough.  Dixie comes in  and talk about a
shocked look on the face.  She tells David that she has Adam's test results. 
She doesn't have anything else.  David leaves and starts to pick up the
things that go on Alex's desk.  Erica tells her about Dimitri being alive. 
Dixie smiles and says that it's great to finally be able to talk about it. 
(here it comes)  She tells Erica that she and David have known quite a while.
 Later, David comes back and Erica lets him have it about Dimitri.

hunting lodge

Dimitri and Alex are discussing their future.  They talk about Sunday
crossword puzzles.  Hee wants to know if they will ever do them, again.  They
share some laughter.  Later, Edmund is there with them and he's all dressed
up.  (I'm sorry I don't know what happened after that because of a long
distance phone call.)

Erica's house

Greenlee is still talking to Wade.  He warns her that she had better not call
the police again.  She says that she didn't but he doesn't believe her. 
There is a noise at the front door and Wade leaves through the back.  Bianca
and Leo come in.  Bianca is aghast that Greenlee is wearing her mother's
clothes.  Leo starts talking to her but grows suspicious when she's
constantly looking over her shoulder.  She finally tells him that Wade was
just here.  He checks to see if he's still there but he's not.  It is decided
between the three of them that they will go to Bianca's party together. 
Later, Erica is home.  Bianca looks beautiful in her dress and Leo looks
stunning in his suit.  The two of them keep Erica talking while Greenlee
makes her way out the front door.  There's a knock at the door.  Surprise. 
It's Greenlee.   Leo explains that she didn't have a date for the party and
therefore he is escorting both her and Bianca.  After the kids leave, Jackson
shows up.  He has a present for Bianca but Erica tells him that she has
already left.  Jack asks Erica to be his date and of course she accepts.

German hospital

Gillian is telling Ryan that she is going to tell Jake everything when he is
strong enough.  They hug and kiss before she goes into her husband's room. 
Jake is awake.  They start talking and Gillian wants him to rest.  He starts
hurting and Joe and a nurse come in.  The nurse gives him an injection of a
pain killer.  Joe and the nurse leave but Jake asks Gillian to stay.  They
have an awful lot to talk about.

PVI dining room

Greenlee, Leo, and Bianca walk in.  Bianca is suddenly afraid.  She tells
them that she feels like she is going to throw up and runs out of the room.

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