All My Children Update Thursday 9/14/00

All My Children Update Thursday 9/14/00

By Merilee

Erica's house

Leo and Bianca are discussing Greenlee.  He wonders how she fared sleeping in
the laundry room.  Just then, Greenlee and Tom run through the room.  She is
wearing a towel and screaming at Tom.  She accuses the man of being a peeping
tom when she was bent over the clothes dryer with nothing on.  (what's a man
to do)  Bianca calms him down and escorts the man out of the house.  Greenlee
goes to Leo.  They embrace and the towel falls.  Later, Greenlee is dressed
but is whining because the dryer ruined her clothes.   Bianca asks her if she
know what dry cleaning means.  She goes upstairs and comes back and throws
some clothes at her.  Leo and Bianca leave because they have to work on some
things.  She tells Greenlee to stay away from her mother's clothes.  Greenlee
comes back downstairs wearing a disguise only to find Wade waiting for her. 
The disguise does not work because he knows it's her.

hospital and Adam's room

Stuart is calmly talking to his brother.  Everybody else is in tears.  Adam
is getting stronger.  Stuart has come back.  Brother to brother is so tender
to each other.  Haley is in tears but hanging on to Adam Jr.  The only sound
in the room is Stuart and Adam.  They forgive each other.  Outside at the
window, Marion, Tad, Liza, Brooke, Eliot, and Arlene are watching.  Erica
comes in and wants to know what is going on.  Arlene said that she found
Stuart and brought him to save Adam's life.  Erica looks in for herself.  She
hurriedly leaves.  Back in the room, Jr. asks Haley if he can talk to Adam
alone.  He goes to his father's side and says that he regrets anything that
he ever said about him.  Boy and father hug.  Adam tells him that they have a
fishing trip to go on.  Jr. leaves and Haley moves to her father.  Not much
is said but there is a big hug exchanged between the two of them.  He says
that he is sorry about the wedding for Mateo is a fine man.  She tells him to
forget it.  She goes to leave and he asks her to bring in (no name is
mentioned but she knows who it is)  Outside, Marion is letting Arlene have it
and she wants Stuart to call the police but he can't do it.  He goes up to
Arlene and gives her a hug and tells her that he forgives her.  Haley tells
her mother that for once in her life; she showed some heart. 

David's office

Erica is looking for David but stops short when she sees Dimitri.  She faints
and he catches her.  She comes to on the couch and after touching him; she
hugs him.  She starts saying how glad that he is here because she made some
terrible mistakes.  Just then, Alex comes in.  Dimitri moves towards her and
Erica starts ranting and raving.  Alex and Dimitri leave and Erica goes into
a tantrum and starts throwing things.  Later, David does finally comes in. 
He surveys Alex's desk and sits down in her chair.  Erica starts complaining
about Dimitri and Alex and he starts laughing.  He finally stops long enough
to tell her that he has finally admitted to himself that they are through. 
Erica literally spits in his face and tells him that he was a terrible lover.
 (the heat is on)  He picks her up and puts on Alex's desk where they start
making love.  Later, Dixie comes in but stops short when she sees Erica and


Eliot and Brooke are still there talking about Adam and her daughter (the
first Laura).  Later, Liza is the only one there.  She prays to God that
somehow he stop her from loving Adam.  Marion comes in and tells her that
Adam wants to see her.

the hospital and Adam's room

Liza enters Adam's room and he wakes up.  He reaches for her.  Outside, Scott
is talking to Tad.  Stuart turns around and the boy and his father finally
see each other.  They hug.  (Stuart is back with his entire family, now).


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