All My Children Update Wednesday 9/13/00

All My Children Update Wednesday 9/13/00

By Merilee


David is examing Adam and it doesn't look good.  He comes out to tell Liza,
Haley, and Mateo the bad news.  He's got some kind of condition (I can't
remember the name).  Eliot is waiting by the desk.  Brooke comes around the
corner and spies Eliot but goes to Haley and Mateo.  Mateo and Haley explain
about Adam's condition.  Eliot is there.  Arlene comes rushing in.  She tells
David that she went home and got some of Adam's things.  Liza says that Adam
is in no shape to get any of this stuff.  Arlene tries to go into the room
but Liza won't let her.  Vanessa comes in and asks David about Adam.  "What's
it to you."  The catfight between Liza and Arlene is getting ugly so Vanessa
taes Arlene and they go for a walk.  Tad, Dixie, and Jr. show up.  Haley
takes her brother by the hand and they go to see Adam.  Once in the room, Jr.
asks if he can see him alone.  Haley leaves.  He sits down by his father and
starts apologizing for the things he said about him.  The boy starts sobbing
and telling him that he didn't mean any of it.  There is a touch on his
shoulder.  Dixie and Jr. hug. 


Arlene tells Vanessa that there is only one way to bring Adam back and that
is to bring Stuart to him.  Vanessa tries to talk her out of it and succeeds.
 They leave but Mateo has overheard some of the conversation.  Later, Brooke
and Eliot are there.  She tells him that if it hadn't been for Adam; she
probably would have fallen apart.


Stuart and Marion are searching for something of Adam's that he can focus on.
 She digs and finds an old baseball and gives it to Stuart.  Stuart drifts
off and starts remembering.  Him and Adam at the sanitarium and at the jail. 
They, again try to get out of the attic but the door won't budge.  Stuart
grabs his heart and tells Marion that Adam is worse. 


Things are going downhill for Adam.  David tells Arlene that the antibiotics
aren't working and that he is dying.  Arlene runs out of the room.  Eliot
gathers with the others in the hall and tells them that it's time to say
goodbye to Adam.

Chandler mansion

Vanessa is still trying to talk Arlene out of getting Stuart but it's too
late.  Arlene is already going up the stairs.  She unlocks the door and grabs
Stuart and tells him to come on.  Marion follows.


Adam is having an out of body experience.  He tells Stuart that he is coming
to join him but Stuart is telling him to change his mind.  Adam slowly opens
his eyes and there is Stuart.  (Thank God)  What a reunion this will be
tomorrow.  Can't wait.


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