All My Children Update Friday 9/08/00

All My Children Update Friday 9/8/00

Erica's house 

Leo is still on the phone with Derek and Greenlee is upstairs. The next call he makes is to Erica. He wants to speak to Bianca. Bianca gets on the phone and tells him that they are at the dining room. He asks Bianca to keep Erica there because the police are on their way to her house and he doesn't feel like putting up with Erica's theatrics. Greenlee comes down the stairs and he puts down the phone. He is starting to tell her about Derek comes over when Derek is already there. He starts questioning her about an involvement with Wade but she denies everything. Leo can't believe it. Derek leaves. 

PVI dining room 

Erica is ready to leave when Bianca tells her that she wants dessert. They sit back down and Erica order them a chocolate fudge sundae with whipped topping, nuts, and cherries. Haley and Mateo show up and mother and daughter invite them to join them. Erica tells Bianca about the entertainment that Mateo had lined up for SOS when it opened. Bianca excuses herself and Erica tells the other two of her plans for entertainment at Bianca's party. Erica's house Erica and Bianca come home. Erica says that this is her house and that Leo will not be entertaining girls here. She picks up an earring. She starts tearing into Greenlee's character. She makes to go upstairs and then stops. She knows Greenlee's there. As soon as Erica is upstairs, Greenlee comes out. Leo asks Bianca for a safe place to hide Greenlee. "The laundry room" the attic Stuart and Marion are looking for a way out but there is none. hotel Everything is going crazy. Tad and Liza are in her room, David and Dixie are out in the hall, and Arlene is in her room. After sobbing all over David, Dixie goes back into Liza's room with David right behind her. David and Liza leave so Tad and Dixie can talk. Tad explains things and Dixie accepts his apology. She runs out in the hall and tells David. She goes back in the room and starts hugging and kissing Tad and David is watching from the door. 

PVI dining room 

Arlene asks Haley and Mateo if they have seen Adam. "No." Arlene is about ready to head out when she is stopped by Frank. He knows he will be getting his money but wants something more physical. She steps back and shows him what is underneath the coat. She hurriedly leaves and Frank goes to the bar. Haley and Mateo are trying to figure out what the heck is going on. 

CoMar Towers Adam is very angry. He starts trashing the place. He finds a crowbar and starts hacking at things. Final damage: whacking the fuse box so it will catch fire.


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