All My Children Update Thursday 9/7/00

All My Children Update Thursday 9/7/00

By Merilee

PVI dining room

Dixie is seated at the bar and Bianca and Erica are at a table.  They see 
David come in and sit with Dixie.  Bianca tells her mother to go over there 
and see him.  Erica says no and asks her daughter why she is so dead set 
against the party.  Bianca is really afraid that the tabloid will somehow 
pick up on her problems with eating.  Erica does her best to reassure her 
daughter.  Meanwhile at the bar, David has some work for Dixie because he has 
to go out of town.  She wants to go with him so she can spend some time who 
is already there on business.

the attic

Stuart and Marion are reliving the memories of their lives.  He talks about 
his Queen of Hearts.  His memories are flooding back.  She has some news for 
him about Adam.  After he died, Adam fell apart and married Arlene.  He has 
another flashback.  Arlene came into the place dressed as Annie Oakley and 
when he heard her voice; he remembered getting hit by a car and he believes 
she did it.  They start talking about other things and before they know it; 
they're on the floor and making love.

New York hotel

Adam and Arlene have checked into their room.  Adam tells her that Tad and 
Liza should be here soon because Chandler Enterprises has an account at the 
hotel.  He looks at the connecting door for the next room.  Tad and Liza and 
the manager come in the other room.  He is very disappointed that the men 
that they are supposed to meet aren't there.  The manager promises a bottle 
of champagne to both of their rooms.  Tad takes a phone call.  The manager 
tells Liza that Arlene and Adam have the room right next door.  He leaves and 
she has a very strange look on her face.  Tad gets off the phone and wants to 
go back home.  He says that there is fog at the airport in Chicago and that's 
why he wants to leave.  She talks him out of it.  She leaves the room and 
listens at Adam's door and then hides when she sees room service get off the 
elevator and Arlene meets him at the door.  Liza goes back to her room and 
tells Tad that she bumped into a drunk in the hall.  He leaves and Liza sits 
on the bed.  She discovers that it bounces against the wall.  She starts 
making noises and is enjoying herself while Adam and Arlene are listening.  
Tad comes in and joins in the game even though he has no idea what is going 
on.  In the other room; Arlene is trying to come onto Adam but it's not 
working.  He goes crazy and starts choking her.  He tells her that Liza 
doesn't love Tad; she loves him.

Erica's house

Leo has come in and is listening to the radio or tv when there is a loud 
noise at the front door.  It's Greenlee and it's plain to see that she is 
scared to death.  She tells him about Wade and the fact that he knows 
everything about their plan.  They hear a noise from outside that sounds like 
gunfire.  They fall on the floor with him over her.  A guy that works for 
Erica stops by and apologizes for the noise.  He leaves but she's still 
scared.  Leo suggests the police but she vetoes the idea.  She does not want 
them involved because of her grandfather.  He suggests that she go up to his 
room and lie down.  As soon as she is out of earshot, he calls Derek.  He 
says he's calling for Greenlee Smythe and that she desperately needs his help.




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