All My Children Update Wednesday 9/6/00

All My Children Update Wednesday 9/6/00

By Merilee

breaking news off and on so I hope I can do this justice


Ryan, Gillian, and Jake are on their way home.  (no sign of Adrian so I guess 
he's somewhere else)  Jake is still out.  Gillian tries to stop the bleeding 
and cries out to Ryan to help.  They both yell at Jake to wake up because 
Ryan says that he cannot do this by himself.  Jake finally wakes up and tells 
them to get stuff out of his bag.  Everything finally calms down and Ryan 
watches Gillian and Jake.

Chandler Mansion

Arlene is starting to pour on the drinks as Vanessa talks to her.  Vanessa 
keeps upping the ante Arlene picks up an expensive egg and gives it to her.  
Both of them shut up when they spot Lucretia.  Adam has called and will be 
home shortly.  Vanessa leaves and Arlene goes upstairs.  She sprays herself 
with perfume and turns the light down low when Adam walks in.  He is hungry 
and wants to know where the staff is.  Arlene tells him that she gave them 
the night off and starts to come on to him.  He comes back from the shower 
when they hear a noise from upstairs.  Adam wants to investigate but she 
hurriedly tells him that Liza and Tad are in New York, alone.  She decides 
that she will accompany him.  The last thing we see is Arlene telling herself 
that she will take care of Stuart tomorrow and closes the door.

PVI dining room

Greenlee is worried about the plan and she tells Leo so.  She's worried that 
Vanessa will not show up.  He assures her that she will because she never 
misses a chance for a good part.  Over in the bar part, Opal and Scott are 
talking.  She says that it looks like Marion is finally believing in the 
spirit world when it comes to Stuart.  Scott tells her that he wishes that he 
could have 5 minutes with his father.  Later, Wade is waiting for Vanessa.  
He goes into the bar and asks Charlie to give his guest anything she wants.  
He leaves and Vanessa, Leo, and Greenlee come in.  They all agree on their 
roles to play.  Vanessa orders a drink and produces the egg and gives it to 
Charlie.  She assures Leo that she did not steal it.  Leo and Greenlee leave 
and Wade returns.  He orders a drink and escorts Vanessa to his table.  They 
start talking about Courtlandt Electronics.  The meeting is over and Greenlee 
and Leo are in the bar drinking.  He makes his excuses and leaves.  Wade 
shows up just as she's getting her things.  He informs her that he knows all 
about their plans because he overheard them talking.  He says that she will 

Chandler attic

Stuart and Marion hug.  It looks like he's starting to remember.  He says 
that the hug is better than he gets from his wife.  he stand back and tells 
him that she is his wife.  They hug and kiss again.  He talks about her 
perfume and the memories start flooding back.  He remembers her, her cat 
Clark who lived for 19 yrs., her daughter Liza, and what she likes to drink.  
She tells him about his twin brother Adam and that they are from Pigeon 
Hollow, West Virginia.  (I hope they show some more of this tomorrow.)



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