All My Children Update Tuesday 9/5/00

All My Children Update Tuesday 9/5/00

By Merilee

Chandler Mansion Arlene is talking to Stuart at the front door. He keeps asking question after question until finally he comes inside. Vanessa is listening in the other room but manages to get to the terrace when he comes in the house. Arlene sits him down in the hall and darts her way out to Vanessa. Arlene is beside herself as to what to do and tells Vanessa that she has to help her. Vanessa asks double her money and Arlene reluctantly agrees. Arlene makes her way back to Stuart only he isn't where she left him. He comes back and she tells him that there is somebody in this house that will help him. She leads him upstairs and locks him in the attic! Back downstairs, Vanessa wants to know where he is and Arlene tells him that she locked him in the attic. Meanwhile, Marion is in the attic and the two of them finally meet. Erica's house Bianca is sitting on the couch when Erica comes in the room with some papers to show her. They are all rsvp's for Bianca's party and they have all accepted. The girl still does her best to talk her mother out of the party. It doesn't work. Erica goes into the other room and Leo comes in the front door. Bianca asks for his help in calling off the party. Erica comes back into his room and he starts role acting. He tells the woman that he has come down with an infectious disease and that the three of them will be quarantined for the next 6 weeks. (huh) Erica tells him that she has some errands to do and wants him to walk her to her car. Once they are safely past the front door, she reminds him who is boss and tells him to watch it with her daughter. As soon as the car is out of the driveway, Greenlee stops by. She has a present for him in payment for helping her out. It's a watch. Bianca comes out and they start talking about the party. He wants Greenlee to teach Bianca some things. They go back in the house and him and Greenlee start role playing. He wants the two girls to try it on each other. Greenlee opens her mouth and of course the wrong thing comes out. war zone Jake and Gillian are helping the children. Ryan is hovering in the background. Adrian comes in and tells them that a helicopter is coming but that they have to move fast because the place is surrounded and the artillery is getting closer. The chopper finally shows up and the adults move very fast to get the children out. Ryan, Jake, and Gillian are left in the building. A sniper takes close aim for Gillian but Jake steps in front of her and goes down when he is shot. Ryan gets his gun and turns and shoots the sniper. Myrtle's house They are talking about the plans for Bianca's party. Erica tells her friend that she's at her wits end trying to figure out what is wrong with Bianca. Myrtle figures out that it might have something to do with something Bianca said about her mother some time ago.

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