All My Children Update Friday 9/01/00

All My Children Update Friday 9/1/00

David’s Office

David is at his desk, and thinks of Dixie, then checks his answering machine for his messages. Dixie has left a message telling him that Tad and Junior come home from Junior’s camp and she wants to be home to welcome home her husband and son. She’ll be in later. Once the message stops, David has a flashback and thinks about kissing Dixie. He then decides to pick up the phone and call the hospital gift shop for to order two dozen peace rose flowers. The lady at the gift shop asks who they are for, for the card, and David tells her they are for Mrs. Dixie Martin. Later, The woman from the gift shop arrives with the flowers, which David had forgotten that he ordered them for Dixie; he changes his mind and tells the woman from the gift shop to take them to the nurses station. The Woman is surprised, to say the least and offers to get another card, and David demands the flowers to be sent to the nurse’s station. As the woman finally leaves, Edmund comes in and attacks David, and tells is almost choking him and saying that he’s a liar! Dixie walks in on Edmund choking David, and tells him to stop and she breaks up the fight. Edmund is blaming David for lying to him, and Dixie tells Edmund that if anyone is to blame it’s her because she knew that Dimitri was going to be at the hunting lodge, and told Alex to go there. She thought that since he was leaving town for good that Alex had the right to know. Edmund doesn’t think so; he still blames David, as he has a history of having women do what he wants when he wants. Edmund leaves frustrated. After Edmund leaves, Dixie is told by David that he understands if she wants to quit her job. He wants to tell the business office to set up her severance pay because of what happened between them. Dixie tells him that she will stay on at her job BUT that kiss will NEVER happen again or she leaves. David tells her she respects her and her marriage and it won’t happen again.

Tad And Dixie’s Home

Dixie is looking at the paper and is reading the article about the tower, when Tad yells “Honey we’re home!” from outside, and Junior comes running in to his mother’s waiting arms. Dixie takes a good look at her son and tells him he must have grown 3 inches. Junior is happy, and Dixie tells him before he does anything he wants to see him unpack and put his dirty clothes in the laundry while she welcomes her husband home. She tells Tad that she missed him; Tad asks about Jake, and has there been any word? Dixie tells him that there hasn’t but Adrian is still out there looking and then Tad reads the paper and says, “No, No, No! God no!” After reading the headline, “Construction setback continues to plaque pine valley’s newest office complex”, Tad tells Dixie that he feels like he is in someway to blame for Stuart’s death. He thinks that he helped Torpedo his marriage. Dixie doesn’t think he is to blame. Junior comes out wanting to go to the park, and Tad tells him that he has to go to work, he’ll meet him there in an hour to see his new soccer moves. Junior asks Dixie about going, and Dixie tells her that she must go to work now, she says she’s already running late. Dixie sees the unhappy look on Junior and she offers to quit her job at the hospital if her son would like her home more often. Junior tells her that if she likes her job so much to stay on, he’ll have practice, and school, and he’s told that they pile you down with homework so he’ll be busy. Dixie makes sure that he’s sure, and he says he is. Junior goes to the park, and Tad is stunned, can’t believe what’s happened that she just offered to quit her job. He tells her that he doesn’t want David taking advantage of her, and she asks what he meant by that and Tad tells her the whole Dimitri situation. Then Tad tries to make the moves on his wife, and she tells her that he has to leave, and tells him that she has to go – and Tad kisses his wife goodbye before leaving for work, which Dixie does also.

The Park / Stuart’s Place

Adam is thinking of Stuart when Marion and Opal walk by, and they are talking about Stuart, and looks at the fishing lure that Stuart had made a year ago. He accidentally drops the lure and Marion accuses Adam of stealing it. Adam tells her that they must have left it when he went fishing on their trip a couple years ago, and Marion apologizes thinking that it’s a sign. Opal thinks it is, and Adam says she can keep it if she wants, and Marion thanks Adam and tells him that she’ll treasure it – as they leave Marion tells Opal she wants to go back to her place to show Scott. Meanwhile Adam still sitting on the bench, has a soccer ball roll up to him he picks it up and realizes it’s junior’s and junior turns to leave but Adam asks when he got home, and Junior says an our ago. Adam asks about his trip and junior is asked about the fact why he is always so mean to everyone including his family? Adam tells him he doesn’t know why but he can’t change as Tad walks up to the two guys, and tells junior that he was looking all over for him. Junior asks Tad to see his new moves? And Tad tells him that’s why he’s there and smiles. Junior goes back to playing, and then Tad tells Adam that now that Junior is back no matter what happens between them, they will always do what is best for junior.

Adam thanks junior for that and Tad goes back to be with junior to see his new soccer moves. Meanwhile at Stuart’s place – Marion is home and show’s Scott the fishing lure, he is stunned. He is working with some flowers, and Marion asks if he and Becca had made up? He says no he was going to take them to his father’s grave, and then Marion and Opal talk about the lure, and how it could be a psychic sign that Stuart is trying to be with them somehow. Marion agrees to get another reading from Fredrick and tells him that she believes it’s a sign that Stuart is trying to send a message. The group tries to bring Stuart in the room “From the other side” as Fredrick says, and Opal, Marion and Fredrick are all on the couch reaching out to Stuart trying to feel anything. Marion has no luck and neither do the others. Scott doesn’t have his eyes closed as he thinks it’s amusing. Fredrick thinks that is enough for one day and asks Marion to find some old things of Stuart’s that hasn’t been handled so much and maybe that would help the group. Marion thanks Fredrick and he leaves. Once Opal leaves with Fredrick saying that she has to go back to the glamorama, and just then a shivery sensation goes through Marion saying to Scott that she feels him in the room….Meanwhile, Stuart arrives at the park with a man that drove him there. The man goes his own way, and Stuart thanks him, and he thinks he’s on his way getting closer to finally finding out who he is.

The Hunting Lodge

Edmund and Alex are faced with the fact that Dimitri is alive, and Edmund is very hurt, because he tells Dimitri “You always win”, and before leaving Edmund tells Alex, “How do you expect me to stop loving you?” and he leaves, but before Alex could say another word, Edmund is out the door and Alex tries to stop him. Dimitri tells her to let him go. Alex asks what he meant by the fact of Dimitri always wins? He tells her about Edmund always being last and abused, and Alex remembers his step father. Alex can’t believe he’s alive and there is a knock at the door, and Alex answers thinking it’s Edmund returning, and it’s Bianca, and she is stunned to realize that he’s alive. Does her mother know? Dimtri tells her to keep it to herself for a few days so that he can tell his family. Then she asks does Edmund know? She tells him that she was supposed to go back to Seattle last week, the only reason she’s staying is because of the party that her mother is throwing her. She is dreading the party and doesn’t want to go then realizing that she has asked Edmund and Alex to the party and turns to Alex to see if they will still be there. Alex will let her know as will Dimitri but he’s not making any promises. Bianca leaves to go to the stables, and go for a ride. Dimitri and Alex are glad to be back together, but then she remembers the fact that she was to be Mike and Mattie's step mother, and Dimitri says that she’ll break it to them easy, as he doesn’t know what he’d do without her. The two hug.


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