All My Children Update Thursday 8/31/00

All My Children Update Thursday 8/31/00

By Merilee

homeless shelter

Mr. Collins (Ricky's father) is still going on about his son.  He wants to
have Eliot arrested.  Brooke manages to calm them both down and tells him
about her middle child, Laura.  She tells him that she was killed by a drunk
driver. Collins tells the both of them that until there's a court order that
Ricky is coming home with him.  A little while after they leave, Jackson
arrives.  He tells them that a case worker will be going out to the place
within the next couple of days.  He doesn't think that anything will happen
to Ricky because of Collins position on the force.  He leaves but it's plain
to see that Eliot is still worried.  Brooke asks him about his relationship
with his father.  Eliot tells her and it doesn't sound good.  He finishes by
telling her that he is going to Ricky's house to check on things.

Ryan's apartment

Greenlee is surveying the apartment.  There's a knock at the door and she
picks up the hatchet.  Haley comes in.  She has brought some coffee, some
aspirin, and something to eat.  She tells the girl about her own bout with
the bottle.  Greenlee insists that the problem is not Leo and Haley deducts
that it has to do with Ryan.

PVI dining room

Becca and Leo are discussing things.  Becca asks him to explain things about
last night.  He starts to but keep looking over his shoulder.  He says that
he's meeting somebody here and that meeting her here was just an accident. 
Vanessa saunters up to the table and Leo tells her to go get a table and that
he has something to discuss with Becca.  Becca figures that last night had
something to do with Greenlee and wants to know what it is.  He tells her
that it was a personal crisis.  She tells him that she just can't deal with
it anymore and that they're through and leaves.  He joins his mother.  He
tells her about the plan with Wade.  At first, she's against the idea then
changes her mind.  Leo leaves and Greenlee meets him in the hall.  He tells
her that the plan is all set.  They hug.

hunting lodge

Dimitri and Alex are still talking.  They both agree that Edmund has to be
told but Alex feels that she should be the one to tell him.  She goes off to
change her clothes and Edmund walks in.  There is silence in the room as Alex
walks in.  Edmund tells his brother that he tried for a long time for him to
come clean with Alex and he wouldn't do it.  "Why now?"  She tells him that
Dimitri was waiting here for David to bring his medicine and she just came
here because Dixie told her to.


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