All My Children Update Wednesday 8/30/00

All My Children Update Wednesday 8/30/00

By Merilee

Ryan's apartment

Leo is concocting a drink for Greenlee.  He tells her to wake up and she
tells him that she can't open her eyes.  He puts the drink under her nose and
tells her to count to three and then open her eyes.  She does and voila.  Her
eyes open.  He makes her drink the drink and tells her that Ryan had no
tomato juice so he drained a can of tuna and used the liquid.  After a few
minutes, she feels better.  She slowly gets up.  She looks around the room
and surveys the damage.  She tells him that none of this would have happened
if she hadn't gotten involved with Wade.  The phone rings and it's Wade.  She
hangs up and tells Leo that he wants his $3 million as soon as possible or he
will go to her grandfather.  She says that the only solution is for her to go
to her parents and ask for the money but that she will be stuck with them
forever.  She heads for the door.  "Wait a minute.  I have an idea."  He has
this idea that he will use Vanessa to pay and that they will stick Wade with

homeless shelter

Ricky is talking over his current situation with his father to Eliot. 
Jackson comes in and asks to speak to Eliot alone.  He tells him that the
only way to get Ricky away from his father is to have a representative from
child welfare go in and survey the situation.  There is only one problem. 
Child welfare is so backed up that he doesn't know when they'll be able to
send over somebody.  A little later, Jackson is telling Eliot that there is
another possibility.  For somebody to sign a paper and take responsibility
for Ricky.  Eliot says that he'll be glad to do just that but that he's be
transferred to another church. 


Brooke and Edmund are talking.  He is showing her the result of his
interviews from Washington.  The talk turns to him and Alex.  He tells her
that they are ready to set a wedding date.  He makes a phone call to the
hospital but Alex is not there.  Brooke leaves.  Edmund is talking to
Gillian's grandmother (forgot her name).  Gillian is not there, either.  Alex
and Gillian must be out shopping for wedding things.

homeless shelter

Brooke comes in and says that she will help out if Eliot leaves.  The three
of them leave and Ricky is left by himself.  Ricky's father shows up and
immediately starts telling his son that he is coming home where he belongs. 
Eliot comes in and lunges for the man.  They get into a fight and Eliot
punches him.  Brooke manages to pull them apart.  Ricky's father says that he
will have Eliot arrested and that his son should be at home where he belongs.
 Eliot insures the man that his son will never go back there.

hunting lodge

Alex wakes up and looks for Dimitri.  He comes out of the bedroom in a robe
and tells her that he was dressing.  He tells her that per his wishes; he
told David not to tell her that he was alive.  She says that's why David has
been so distant to her.  She asks him if he's been taking his medicine.  He
tells her that he missed yesterday's dose.  She calls the hospital and tells
them to send out some more medicine right away.  They talk some more and the
phone rings.  It's Edmund.  He wants to know why she's at the lodge. 

PVI dining room

Bianca and Becca and a waiter are talking about Bianca's party.  The waiter
leaves and Bianca starts thinking about her mother.  She tells Becca that she
is really not looking forward to this party.  The talk turns to Leo.  Becca
says that she's had messages from him but hasn't returned any of them. 
Bianca gives her her cell phone.  Becca starts calling and then changes her
mind after figuring out that Leo did not go back to Erica's last night. 
Bianca tells her friend that she has to invite Leo to the party.  She leaves
and Leo shows up.  He wants to tell her what happened last night but Becca
does not want to hear any of it.

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