All My Children Update Tuesday 8/29/00

All My Children Update Tuesday 8/29/00

By Merilee

Ryan's apartment

Greenlee is attacking Leo with the hatchet.  He manages to get the thing away
from her and somebody turns on the light.  She pours out his heart to him. 
She tells him that she was looking for someone to talk to and that she saw
them together.  Ryan obviously never loved her.  Leo tells her that its time
to get even and he goes over to the window and gives an explanation.  He
takes a flower vase and takes out the flower and dumps it on the floor.  He
tells her to go ahead and whack away with the hatchet at anything and


Adrian and Ryan are talking about the mission.  Adrian tells him that there
is too much weight in the plane and that they need to start getting rid of
unneeded cargo.  They're ready to dump a big box when out jumps Gillian.  She
tells Ryan that she has every right to be along on this trip.  Adrian says
that he talked to Hendrick (the pilot) and there is no way they can turn
around and go back.  There's not enough fuel.  Adrian throws some things to
the other two to sleep on.  Later, Ryan notices how cold Gillian is and
covers her up with his stuff.

David's office

Dixie is straightening up some stuff when David walks in.  He asks her if she
called Dimitri.  She says yes.  Tension builds between the two of them and
she finally admits that she told Alex to go to the hunting lodge.  More words
are exchanged and passion overtakes them.  They kiss.  When they do separate,
David tries to get her to say something but for once; she's speechless.  She
hurries out to her desk and slams her ringing phone down a couple of times
and leaves.  David goes back into the office and sits down.  He is thinking
about that kiss.

hunting lodge

Alex and Dimitri are looking at each other.  They slowly approach each other.
 Alex sticks out her hand to feel if he's real.  They are crying and hugging
and kissing.  They make love.  She says that she has alot of questions for
him.  He tells her not tonight that this night is just for them.


Tad is talking to Tina.  She says that she was supposed to call him tomorrow
but will tell him tonight.  She says Adrian has gone after Jake.  She tells
him that Opal knows.  He says he must go call her and the Martins.  Later,
Tad is waiting for Dixie.  She comes in and immediately throws her arms
around him.  Tad asks her what is wrong.  She tells him about Dimitri being
alive and that she knew for weeks but she had to keep quiet because of
patient confidentiality.  Tad forgives her.  (but, we all can see the guilty
look on her face)


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