All My Children Update Thursday 8/24/00

All My Children Update Thursday 8/24/00

By Merilee

Valley Inn dining room

Adam and Barry are discussing the latest problem breakthrough of CoMar
Towers.  Adam can't understand how the problem cropped up yesterday and they
got it fixed last night.  He figures that they must have called in some
favors.  Meanwhile, over a few tables away, is Arlene and Vanessa.  Vanessa
tells Arlene that she needs some more money.  On the other side of the room,
Leo and David are having breakfast.  Vanessa comes over and sits down just as
David finishes.  He asks her if she needs some more money.  She says no and
he leaves.  She turns to her other son but he doesn't want anything to do
with her either.  He leaves. 

Erica's house

Myrtle has brought over some dresses from the Boutique.  Erica wants Bianca
to select a dress for the party.  Bianca picks up a magazine and shows her
mother the picture of the kind of dress that she wants.  Erica says that that
would be a better dress for herself.  Bianca is crushed.  Erica picks up the
phone and it's somebody from the hotel.  She hangs up the phone and delivers
the bad news.  She tells the girls that the hotel is completely booked and
that the party will have to be rescheduled for the second week of September. 
Bianca reminds her that she will be back in Seattle in school.  The doorbell
rings and Bianca goes to answer it.  Becca comes back with her and asks what
all the dresses are for.  Erica tells her and tells her that she is invited
to Bianca's party. Becca spies a red dress on the rackand asks Myrtle if she
can try it on.  Leo comes in and sees her standing there with the dress in
front of her.  He lets her know that he is there.  The other three girls come
back and Beccaa tries to cover herself.  She asks if she can go try it on in
Bianca's room and Bianca goes with her.  Leo leaves and Erica turns to
Myrtle.  She's worried that her daughter has developed a crush on Leo.

Haley's and Mateo's apartment

The two of them are in bed.  Haley tells her husband that Adam is at the Pine
Valley Inn and that's where she's headed.

Pine Valley Inn dining room

Barry and Adam are still discussing business when Haley walks up.  She says
hello to Barry and the man leaves.  Adam calls him an idiot as he walks away.
 They continue talking as Arlene moves to a table close by where she can
overhear what is being said.  Haley tells her father that she was just
getting close to Arlene to get closer to him.  Arlene moves to the table and
Adam tells Haley to leave me alone and walks away.  Arlene sits down and
tells Haley that she can't believe what Haley is doing.  She honestly thought
that they were starting to be a family.  Mateo comes in and blasts Arlene for
the tirade.  The woman leaves and he sits down with his wife.  Haley tells
him everything that went on.

David's office

Dixie and Tad are talking about last night.  He tells her that he tried to
reach her but there was no answer.  She says that she came back here because
she had some work to do.  They start talking about the kids.  She reminds him
that the end of summer is almost here and wants to know if he is going to
quit his job at Chandler Enterprises.  He reluctantly tells her no and then
explains that things are happening and it wouldn't be fair to leave Liza all
by herself.  Things start getting silly when Tad grabs a stethoscope.  Dixie
starts unbuttoning her blouse and the two of them start kissing and they move
to the desk.  David comes in and they abruptly get up.  Tad spots the bottle
of drink and tells David that he will send him a bottle of Orsini wine. 
Dixie returns to work but she hasn't completely buttoned her blouse.  David
continues staring at her and stars dreaming about himself and Dixie. 

Adam's bar

Adam and Arlene are at the bar.  He is pouring himself a drink while Arlene
is complaining about Haley's behavior towards her.  Adam tells her to shut up
and offers her a drink.  She refuses and he leaves saying that he has to make
some calls.  As soon as he's gone, Arlene makes her own phone call.

Sounds of Salsa

Arlene is talking to Frank.  She reminds him that she is Mrs. Adam Chandler
and that she has an interesting proposition for him.

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