All My Children Update Wednesday 8/23/00

All My Children Update Wednesday 8/23/00

By Merilee

Erica's house

Leo comes in the front door and realizes he is by himself.  He turns the
music on and starts dancing.  He is interrupted by Bianca who turns off the
noise.  She says she is hungry and he tells that he is no cook.  She tells
him that she wants to order a pizza.  She also tells him that she wants him
to go get it because when the delivery guy brings it; it's usually cold.  He
leaves and a few minutes later Becca arrives.  She and Bianca discuss the
plans that Becca has for Leo.  They hear a car drive up and Becca goes to
hide while Bianca leaves.  Leo comes in and Becca surprises him.  A swingy
song comes on and they dance.  After the dance, they talk about their
feelings for each other.


Stuart comes in and takes off the jacket.  He starts examining it and spots
the tag that says Pine Valley.  He assumes that he used to live there since
the name is familiar.  Walt (the owner) comes in and he and Stuart have a
discussion about the possibility that Stuart may have been from Pine Valley. 
He tells him that he is going back there.  Walt wishes him good luck.

David's office

David is in his office when Dixie comes in.  She tells him that something has
to be done about Dimitri.  David asks what's wrong.  She tells him that she
just came from the airport because Dimitri was there.  She says that he is
going to Zurich but will be back for his next treatment.  Edmund comes
barging in.  He says that he and Alex were at the airport and she says that
she saw Dimitri getting on a plane.  "Is he alive?"  David says no so Edmund
asks Dixie. She beats around the bush.  David says that he has to speak to
her.  Edmund says that he will give them 5 minutes and leaves.  David reminds
her that they have to respect Dimitri's wishes no matter how much it hurts. 
Dixie is upset and runs out of the office.  David goes after her but Edmund
stops him.  They go back in the office.  David gets an envelope out of the
drawer and hands it to Edmund.  It is Dimitri's death certificate.

Pine Valley Inn dining room

Liz, Tad, and Coolly are having dinner.  They are waiting for Frank (their
contractor) to join them.  Tad excuses himself to call his parents and Adam
and Haley enter the restaurant.  Haley persuades her father to go talk to
Liza.  Meanwhile, Liza is having dreams of her and Adam and Colby having
dinner.  She comes out of it just in time to hear a familiar voice behind
her.  Adam sits down in Tad's chair and is visiting with Liza and Colby when
Tad comes back.  Adam abruptly leaves and Tad and Liza continue their
conversation.  Adam goes out in the hall and makes a call to Barry.  Haley is
watching her father from their table.  When he comes back, she is very
curious and Adam tells her that Barry is a traitor.  Meanwhile, Dixie has
come in and goes to Tad.  She wants him to come home but just then Frank sits
down.  Tad tells Dixie that he has a meeting and that he will be home as soon
as possible.  Dixie leaves and Tad goes back to the table.  Frank says that
they are in deep trouble.

David's office

David is sitting at his desk drinking when Dixie walks in.  He tells her that
he is not on duty and not on call and that the wine is from a very satisfied

The show ends with David and Dixie and Leo and Becca. 


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