All My Children Update Tuesday 8/22/00

All My Children Update Tuesday 8/22/00

By Merilee

the tower

Gillian is pacing the floor and throws a pillow at Ryan when he comes in. 
She tells him that thanks to Tina; she knows he is going after Jake.  She
says that it's because of her and the secret that she kept about Colby is
what drove him away in the first place.  She's afraid that if Ryan goes;
she'll never see him again.  He reassures her over and over that he will come
back to her.  They end up in bed and making love.


Alex dashes to the gate.  She tries to get past the ticket guy but he stops
her.  She goes to the ticket counter and asks for a ticket on that plane. 
The ticket guy says that there is no more room.  Edmund comes up to the
counter and wonders what is going on.  Alex tells him that she thinks she saw
Dimitri.  The two of them ask about the flight list.  He checks it and there
is no name that they mentioned.  The two of them leave the counter and Alex
says that she must have been seeing things because Dimitri is dead.  The
flight is called and Alex leaves.  Edmund goes to the gate and then changes
his mind.  He makes a phone call to Dixie.


Greenlee and Wade are sitting at the table discussing business.  She says
that she has a business deal for him.  They are just about to discuss their
deal when Leo shows up.  He drags her away from Wade but she pushes him into
the Ladies room.  He warns her again about Wade.  She says that it is none of
his business who she hangs around with.  They leave seconds apart and she
goes back to the table.  Wade says that he will agree to the deal and gives
her a list of things he wants.  She reads over them.


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