All My Children Update Friday 8/18/00

All My Children Update Friday 8/18/00

By Merilee

tv office

Becca is watching the tape of Wave that she and Leo were on.  She finishes up
just as Greenlee shows up.  The two begin arguing.  BCE finally tells her
that she has something that Greenly wants.  Leo

Erica's house

Bionic and Leo are together downstairs when Erica comes downstairs.  Leo
makes his excuses and tells them that he has to get to the studio to see
Becca.  He wishes Bionic good luck as he leaves.  Erica asks her daughter
what that meant.  Mother and daughter start talking about the party.  Bianca
is still against it but asks her mother if things would be different if she
were to agree.  Erica says it might and Bianca reluctantly agrees to the
party.  Erica goes upstairs and Bianca makes a phone call to her father.  She
tells her father about the party and that she thinks she is looking forward
to it.  She looks up at the picture of her mother.

tv office

Greenlee is just about to reply to Becca when Leo comes in and wants to know
what is going on.  Greenlee says she was about to apologize.  Leo says that
he is going to pick up something for lunch.  Greenlee asks him if he wants to
know what she wants.  "No."


Leo is picking up the food when an old friend of his shows up.  His name is
Wade.  He wants to know if Leo is back to his old tricks now that he's
staying with Erica.  He is just about to reply when Greenlee shows up.  Wade
introduces himself.  Wade asks Leo and Greenlee if they will join him and
Olivia for lunch.  Leo turns him down and Wade leaves.  Greenlee wants to
know why he did that.  "He preys on woman who have money.  He has
connections.  Mob connections."  Leo leaves and Midori comes in.  He tells
Greenlee that Ryan has dipped into the's fund.  He will have
him arrested.

the church

Eliot is sitting there thinking back on his good times with Brooke.  Brooke
comes in and asks him what is wrong.  He tells her that Reverend Taylor has
put in for a transfer for him.  They are talking about it when Ricky stumbles
in.  He tells them that his father (the cop) came home drunk and took his
anger out on him.  Brooke says that she will take him to the shelter where he
can get cleaned up and get some medical attention.  She and Ricky leave but
Brooke comes back later.  She tells Eliot that he can't leave; that people
like Ricky need him.


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