All My Children Update Thursday 8/17/00

All My Children Update Thursday 8/17/00

By Merilee


Becca has come in to pick up some food.  A guy at the bar tells her that he
remembers her from the TV show.  He keeps pestering her until Bianca shows up
to save the day.  Bianca takes the bag of food and tells the guy behind the
counter that she'll take the same; and they go to a table.  Becca thanks her
and Bianca goes to get her food.  She puts her bag on the counter and makes a
phone call to Leo.  She explains the problem with Becca and tells him to get
over here.  Bianca goes back to the table and the girls resume talking.  Leo
comes in a little bit later and Becca feels that she has been set up.  He
tries to set her straight.  She finally tells him that she has to get to the
studio but really she has to think.

Wildwind terrace

Edmund and Alex are telling Brooke about the previous evening.  The ladies
excuse themselves and Edmund is surprised when Dixie comes out.  She asks him
how everything went last night but he has no idea what she is talking about. 
He tells her about the engagement and that Alex accepted.  Dixie is surprised
but manages to hide it.  Brooke and Alex come back and Alex excitedly shows
Dixie her ring.  There is a mention of pictures but Edmund says there aren't
any.  Dixie leaves and a little bit later Brooke gets a call from Eliot.  He
has to see her right away.

fishing camp

Adam is talking to a man named Jarod.  The owner of the place comes in and
proudly shows off the fish that he caught.  That entices the other two to
want to go fishing.  Adam and Jarod leave and moments later; Arlene and
Vanessa walk in.  They are talking about what to do when Stuart walks in. 
Arlene ducks down and Vanessa strikes up a conversation.  Stuart swears he
has seen her before but doesn't know where.  Vanessa said that she has just
stepped off the plane and is here to go fishing.  He shows her the can of
worms that he has collected.  They go outside to count them.  When Arlene
can't see them anymore, she comes out of hiding.  She is looking at some
merchandise when Adam walks in.  She says that the reason she is there is to
bring him home.  She shows him the newspaper article on Tad and Liza and the
fact that they've started building the new office building.  Adam goes off to
pack and Vanessa comes in.  She's covered with mud.  They leave and Stuart
comes in but the place is empty.

the church

Dimitri is sitting in the front pew when Eliot walks in.  They start a
conversation and Eliot jumps to the conclusion that Reverend Taylor sent
Dimitri.  Dimitri assures him that he has never heard of the man.  Eliot goes
to make a phone call to Brooke and tells her that he needs to see her as soon
as possible.  Dixie comes in and starts talking to Dimitri.  He wants her to
find out from David how the treatment is going because he wants to leave Pine
Valley as soon as possible.

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