All My Children Update Wednesday 8/16/00

All My Children Update Wednesday 8/17/00

By Merilee

the church

Dixie comes in and she finds Dimitri in the front pew.  They begin talking
and Dixie asks him that since he's improving; he wants his life back.  She
wants to know if that includes Alex.  He's still not sure on that one but he
is thinking about it.

the bar

Marion and Barry are having drinks and talking.  He makes pleasant talk but
then tries to beat around the bush to find out what Liza is up to.  Before
she can answer, Liza shows up and tells him that if he wants to know; he can
come to her office and ask.  He leaves and Liza asks her mother why.  Marion
says that the only things she know is being with Stuart and sitting at a bar
with strange men. 

PVI restaurant

Arlene is still on the phone with Marilyn.  The girl tells Arlene that Stuart
is gone and that he went fishing.  She abruptly hangs up after reminding her
that she'd better not call, she'll call her.  Barry comes in and he and
Arlene move to another table.  Arlene wants to know where Adam is.  Back at
the table, the phone rings again and Vanessa picks it up; pretending to be
Arlene.  Marilyn warns her not to hang up on her, again.  She wants to know
what to do.  After hanging up, Vanessa does a little math and figures that
Stuart is still alive in Nevada.  Arlene comes back to the table and Vanessa
says that she knows everything about her brother-in-law.  They agree to help
each other.

the fishing camp

Stuart comes into the store and starts talking to the owner (don't know his
name).  Seems like he has been doing some work for the man.  They discuss
Stuart's fishing habits.  The man cannot understand why Stuart would catch
the fish and then throw it back.  Stuart goes out to dig up some worms and
sometime later Adam shows up.  Adam is still in a bad mood and the man does
not know that they are two people; tells Adam to leave. 

PVI restaurant

Liza and Marion show up.  Vanessa tells them about a movie that she made a
long time ago and the two get disgusted and leave.  Arlene and Vanessa and
Arlene runs into Haley and Mateo in the hall.

Enchanted Forest

The grounds have been made up to look like a fairy-tale forest.  The main
characters are Alex,  Edmund, Sam, Maddie, Haley, and Mateo.  All of them
have a part to play.  Edmund cues the music and Haley brings a blindfolded
Alex across the bridge.  All of them are involved in stories but when
story time is over; Edmund signals to Haley and Mateo and they take the
children back to the house.  He gets down on one knee and takes out the ring
and asks Alex to be his wife.  She accepts.  The children come back and they
celebrate the upcoming nuptials.  Unbeknownst to them, Dimitri is looking on.



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