All My Children Update Tuesday 8/15/00

All My Children Update Tuesday 8/15/00

By Merilee

 PVI dining room

Edmund is on the phone wondering where Brooke is.  He hangs up and she rushes
in.  She apologizes for being late.  He notices the far off look in her eyes
and questions her about it.  She tells him about her afternoon with Eliot and
her feelings for him.  Edmund tells her that he feels the same for Alex. 
He's going to propose to her tonight.

the church

Eliot is talking to his friend (can't remember his name).  He is telling him
about his feelings for Brooke.  The older man does not act surprised that he
did not tell Brooke.  He tells Eliot that he thinks it would probably be in
his best interest if he were transferred to another parish. 

PVI dining room

Vanessa is dining with Palmer and she gives him a present.  A pair of
diamonds.  She says that she has hocked (however you spell it) most of her
jewelry except for the sapphires.  He is looking over the itinerary of his
cruise and Vanessa gets very excited.  He takes great delight in telling her
that he is going by himself.  He leaves and Vanessa orders another drink. 
The waiter reminds her that he can't get it for her because she is over her
limit.  She gets up to leave when she spies Arlene.  She sits down next to
her and offers to buy her a drink.  When its time to pay; she pretends that
she forgot her money and Arlene pays for them.  Her cell phone rings and it's
Marilyn.  Marilyn tells her that Stewart is gone and that he left a note and
said he was going fishing.

the park

Adrian is trying to figure out his problem involving Jake when his phone
rings.  It's Mike informing him of some bad news.  He hangs up and tells Ryan
that the government is not going to pay for the mission.  Ryan says that he
will be able to get all the stuff that Adrian needs.  Adrian agrees and they
leave together.

TV studio

Mateo and Haley are busy doing last minute preparations and trying to find
last minute stand-ins.  Off in a corner, BCE is telling Tina that things have
changed between her and Leo.  She tells her that she believes she has fallen
in love.  Bianca comes in and Mateo begs her to be a panelist.  She
reluctantly agrees.  The other panelists comes in and the guy sets down his
backpack.  Greenlee takes it and takes a look at his wallet.  She puts the
bag back and calls the guy on her cell phone.  She tells him that she is
across the street and that his dog has jumped the fence in his yard and run
up the street.   He leaves and Mateo asks her to be his replacement.  The
show starts off and everything is going smoothly until Greenlee starts asking
questions.  She asks Leo the last time he made love.  Becca gets upset and
walks off the set.  Leo answers Greenlee's question and is not happy with the
answer.  She lunges toward him and there is a fight.  The show is over and he
tells Greenlee that best friends do not treat each other like that.  While
all this is going on, Adrian and Ryan walk in.  Ryan goes off and Tina
corners Adrian.  He explains to her that he is going off to try to bring Jake
home.  Ryan comes back and shows Adrian the fake press passes   Adrian wants
to know how he'll come up with the money.  Ryan says that he'll have the
money by tonight.

hospital terrace

Gillian is writing a letter to Jake when Tad joins her.  He tells her that
has just finished doing the same.  She assures him that she is not telling
him about things between her and Ryan.  Tad is very grate


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