All My Children Update Monday 8/14/00

All My Children Update Monday 8/14/00

By Merilee

                                                         Erica's office

She is on the phone planning a party for Bianca.  She hangs up before Palmer
walks in.   She tells him that Bianca is here and he tells her that he will
be going on a cruise to the Mediterranean.  She tells him about the party and
asks him to be the co host.  He says he can't because he will be gone by
then.  He also informs her that Vanessa will not be joining him.  Just then
Bianca and Jackson come in eating ice cream cones.  She recognizes Palmer and
goes to hug him.  He asks her how long she will be staying and she answer him
"for the rest of the summer."  Palmer makes his excuses and leaves.  Erica
tells Bianca about the party but the girl is dead set against it and leaves
the room.  Jackson just tells Erica to take things slowly and then maybe her
daughter will be ready for a party.  Bianca comes back and Jackson leaves. 
Bianca tells her mother that she does not want to be the center of the party
and then asks her" who is the party for you or me?"

                                                       the beach

Brooke apologizes for the kiss.  Eliot tells her that he's not sorry and
kisses her n return.  They start reminiscing about their teenage days.  She
tells him that she used to come here.  She tries to skim a rock but fails
miserably.  He shows her how to do it.  She is doing very well by the time he
tells her that he has to leave.  Something about choosing a new deacon.  She
is again skimming rocks when Jackson stops by.  He tells her that she is very

                                                        the park

Ryan and Gillian are discussing Jake.  He tells her that he wants to go get
him and bring him home.  She doesn't want him to go because she'll be afraid
for his safety.  Tad is looking for Gillian and finds her with Ryan.  He
wants to know why every time she disappears that she's with him.  His cell
phone rings and it's Jake.  It's a bad connection but Tad gets some
information out of his brother.  He hands the phone to Gillian but the
connection is broken.  Tad explains that they are trapped in a hospital with
16 orphan children and they don't want to leave them.  He then tells his
sister-in-law that before he gave the phone to her; Jake said to tell Gillian
he loves her.  He leaves and Gillian tells Ryan that she knows why he is
staying.  It's because of what happened with Colby.  She leaves and Adrian
rushes in.  He asks for time off from  Jake says of
course.  Adrian says that he is going back to get Jake and the kids and that
he will use all his contacts.  Ryan says "Not without me; you're not."

                                                        hospital terrace

Dixie joins David at the table.  He tells her that he and Erica are through. 
He tells her that he has to go check on a patient and gives her a muffin and
orders her to eat it.  He walks in the hospital and Tad walks out.  He tells
his wife about the phone call from Jake and explains why he won't be coming
home.  Dixie reminds him that he can't go over there that he has a family
that needs him.  Tad leaves and David comes back.  He says he overheard their
conversation.  Dixie tells him that that was private.  He tells her that he
wonders if Tad know how lucky he is.

                                                           the church

Eliot is standing there when his friend walk in.  He guesses that Eliot
didn't tell Brooke.  Eliot says no and that he thinks he falling for her. 
"How do you tell her that I'm the one responsible for her daughter's death?"

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