All My Children Update Friday 8/11/00

All My Children Update Friday 8/11/00

By Merilee

 Tad and Dixie's house

As soon as David kisses her hand, Dixie wakes up.  She wants to know what he
is still doing there.  He tells her that he was taking her pulse and that
everything is fine.  They start talking and Dixie reassures him that she will
do better.  No more skipping breakfast and that she promises that she will
take better care of herself.  He tells her by the way that she is not fired. 
She says that that's good because she was planning on coming in, anyway.  He
finally leaves.

Erica's office

She is showing Bionic her office.  She also thinks that it will be a good
idea if Bionic has a makeover.  Bionic says no that she's perfectly happy
with the way she looks.  They continue talking when Ryan walks in.  He says
that her secretary told him to wait in here and is that okay.  Erica says
that they came in the back way and then admits that she had totally forgotten
about their meeting.  Bionic tries to excuse herself but Ryan asks her to
stay.  After the meeting, Ryan gets a phone call.  He hangs up and tells them
that he has to go.  He leaves and Bionic also leaves and tells her mother
that she is going to the lab.

                                                            the hospital

Tad, Joe, Gillian, and Brooke are out on the terrace.  They are waiting on
news about Jake.  Brooke excuses herself to go telephone her contacts.  She
is met by Eliot who is standing by the telephone.  He wants to know if she is
all right because she's at the hospital.  She hurriedly tells him that she's
okay and then explains that she met with the Martins about news of Jake.  She
then goes on to apologize to him about her prying into his life.  He forgives
her but before he can continue; Adrian walks up.  He tells them that he has
news about Jake.  The three of them go to the terrace to join the others.  He
says that he has news of Jake and some of it is good and some of it is bad. 
He says that Jake has been found and that he is not a prisoner but that
nobody can get in touch with him.  He tells them that he is waiting to hear
from his contacts.  His cell phone rings and it's not good news.  They have
asked Jake if he wants to come home and he said no. 

                                                           the beach

BCE and Leo are really going at the kissing game.  She acts like she's really
starting to enjoy herself then she freezes up.  She tells him that she wants
to leave.  Leo looks after her disappearing figure in frustration.  A little
bit later, Eliot and Brooke show up. 

                                                              Erica's house

Bionic is sitting on the porch listening to music and reading when Leo plops
down.  He tells her that he is frustrated about BCE because he wanted to have

                                                       the park

Gillian and Ryan are discussing Jake.  She tells him that she knows why Jake
doesn't want to come home. 

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