All My Children Update Thursday 8/10/00

All My Children Update Thursday 8/10/00

By Merilee

the beach

Becca and Leo are kissing.  Becca makes a stunning announcement.  She tells
him that she thinks she is falling in love with him.  They start to kiss
again.  She tells him that she wants to go somewhere with more privacy

the library

Brooke and Eliot are still talking.  She asks him again what he was in prison
for.  He tells her that he robbed a family of their most precious possession.
 She tries to get him to goon but he gets cold feet and tells her that he has
an appointment and leaves.  Phoebe comes in and tells her that she just
passed Eliot leaving on his bicycle.   She wants to know if she found out why
he was in prison.  She says that he was in prison for robbery and that's all
she knows.

the park

Eliot rides in on his bicycle and his friend is waiting for him.  He wants to
know if Eliot has told Brooke.  He says he started to but when she started
asking questions; he just couldn't go on.  His friend says that he has known
Brooke for a long time and he's worried that it's bound to come out.  Eliot
just says that he hopes he can tell her before anyone else does.


Dixie steps into the room and faints.  Alex rushes to her side and Edmund
goes for her medical bag.  David rushes in and asks what happened.  Alex said
she doesn't know that she just fainted.  David checks her heart and tells
Edmund and Alex that she'll be fine.  Dixie comes to and David tells her that
he wants to take her to the hospital and do some tests.  They leave and Alex
asks Edmund why Dixie wanted to talk to him alone.  He says that she's in on
the plan.  He explains that Mateo knows a waiter at a fancy restaurant and
that he got them a table and that Dixie was here to help him with what to

Tad and Dixie's house

David checks her heart one more time and tells her that she's really
stressed.  He tells her that she needs to rest and if she doesn't she's
fired.   She lays down and goes to sleep.  David grabs his bag and heads for
the door but turns around.  He bends over Dixie and takes her hand.  He
kisses it. 


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