All My Children Update Wednesday 8/09/00

All My Children Update Wednesday 8/09/00

By Merilee

the beach

The beach party is just getting started. Haley and Mateo are watching everybody. Leo and Becca are seated and she is watching him put suntan lotion on himself. Her eyes look like they're going to bulge out when Greenlee appears and tells her to put her eyes back in her head. She then plops in front of Leo and complains that she can't reach her back; would he please put lotion on her? Becca looks on and starts fantasizing that Leo is putting lotion on her back. When she snaps back to reality, Greenlee is gone. Adrian and Tina are yards away. They are talking about their night last night. Haley and Mateo catch them in a passionate kiss. Tina and Haley ask the men to go get them some burgers. They leave and Haley wants to know how dinner was last night. Tina says that dinner was a disaster but Adrian ate it but afterwards was marvelous. She tells her friend that what she had on came off very quickly. Mateo is trying to find out from Adrian what happened last night but he won't tell. Later on, Haley and Mateo are talking to Leo. They offer him money but he has to split it with Becca if they will appear on her show. Becca appears and Haley tells her about the conditions of the show. Greenlee is looking on as Becca agrees.

David's office

Dixie comes in with some goodies that she has made for him. He assures her that Dimitri is safely at the other hospital. Edmund comes in and David excuses himself to go check on a patient. Edmund follows Dixie out to her desk. He has something to show her. He pulls a small box out of his pocket and shows her the ring that he plans to give Alex. Dixie is stunned but somehow manages to control herself. She tells him that a doctor's office is no place to propose. By that time, David reappears as Edmund is on the phone with Alex. Dixie tells him about Edmund's wanting to propose to Alex. She thinks it's wrong and wants David to explain things. He says that it is not their business to interfere.


Maddie is staying home because she isn't feeling well. Alex is playing with her on the couch when Edmund walks in. Edmund is playing with his daughter when Dixie walks in. He turns around and asks her what she is doing here.  

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