All My Children Update Monday 8/07/00

All My Children Update Monday 8/7/00

By Merilee

Sounds of Salsa

The joint is really rocking, Greenlee and Bianca are still talking over why Ryan went out to make a phone call and left his cell phone on the table.  Greenlee asks where Gillian is. Bianca said that the last time she saw her she was heading for the bathroom. Greenlee heads for the bathroom and starts beating on the door. Gillian hides Ryan in one of the stalls and then she lets Greenlee in. Greenlee asks her if she has seen Ryan. She says no and asks why. Greenlee explains that he went out to make a phone call but left his cell phone on the table. "Well an important man like he is probably has two." Greenlee says that no he only has one. Bianca comes in and heads for the stall where Ryan is. Gillian stops her and says that that one is broken.  Bianca opens the door and sees Ryan there. Ryan motions for her to be quiet and Bianca announces that this one is fine. Greenlee and Gillian leave the bathroom and Ryan and Bianca come out of the stall. He tells her that there is a good reason for his being there but he can't explain now. He asks her for a pen and he writes a note to Gillian and gives it to her and asks her to give it to Gillian. She takes the note and asks him how he's going to get out. He says the same way that he got in and points to the open window.  Meanwhile, Haley is talking to Mateo. She tells him that she is waiting for her mother to show up. Mateo wants to know why since she has her own bar to get drunk in. Haley reminds him that it's a ruse to present a united front.  As soon as Becca and Leo sit down, Haley wants to know if the two of them will appear on her show. Becca says that she has had enough publicity thanks to the website to last her for a while. Arlene comes in and immediately goes to Haley. Her daughter reintroduces her to Bianca. Arlene says with a smirk on her face that her husband may have been married to Erica twice but that she has gone down the aisle far more than Adam. She says that he has left all his other wives but that she is here to stay. Liza and Tad walk in for their meeting. Their contractor, Frank, is already there. They start talking plans when Tad's cell phone rings. He leaves to take the call and Liza notices Frank looking at Arlene. She suggests that the man go introduce himself to her. Frank asks Arlene to dance. She says she is a married woman and that people in this town have the tendency to talk. Haley and Mateo are watching Leo and Becca dance and she says that she has to get them on her show.

the park

David and Alex are sitting on a bench talking. He explains to her that he still loves Erica and that a few days ago, he asked her to marry him. He says that he is trying to get her to see that she is not the most important person in the world. He thinks that Alex is cold and gives her his jacket.  He leaves to go get a drink when Alex has to answer his cell phone. She answers it but nobody answers back. A little bit later, Gillian and Ryan meet. She tells him how she feels about Greenlee asking about Jake. 

Dimitri's hospital room

Dimitri tells Dixie that he feels that he wants to get better. She asks him to repeat what he just said. He does and she says that she has to go find David. A little later, both of them come in with Dimitri's latest test results. David says that he is surprised by what he sees and that the news is far better than expected. Dimitri agrees to go to another hospital to start treatment. Dixie makes the arrangements and tells him that the doctor is waiting for him. David says that he will take him. 

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