All My Children Update Friday 8/04/00

All My Children Update Friday 8/04/00

By Merilee

Sounds of Salsa

The place is extremely busy tonight. Erica is there with Bianca. Ryan is there, Becca and Leo are there, and Greenlee is there. Ryan is outside on his cell phone with Gillian. She is at the park waiting for Joe. They hang up and he goes inside. He is meeting with a Japanese businessman. He tells him in front of Greenlee's presence that she is o longer working with him.  His cell phone rings and he excuses himself. Greenlee tells the Japanese man that he'd better figure out a way for her to get back with Ryan or she will tell her grandfather to fire him. Ryan comes back and she leaves. The man tells Ryan that he'd better get Greenlee back or he will pull out all his money and that will not look good to Liza Chandler. Meanwhile, Erica is sitting at the table with Bianca. Bianca is telling her mother that she is worried about her romance with David. She tells her that nothing is wrong with her relationship with David. She adds that David is different from all her other men. Leo and Becca are sitting at their table with Greenlee looking at them from the bar. Greenlee sees them kiss and rushes to get Leo.  She reminds him of their deal. He says that the deal is off because he and Becca are together. He goes back to the table. Greenlee rushes to him and tell him that the pact is off. Becca looks at both of them and wonders what is going on. Bianca and Erica come to the table. Erica wants him to drive her daughter home. She says that she has never asked anything of him. She leaves and Leo scoots his chair over next to Bianca's. He points to Becca and Greenlee and tells her to watch the fur fly. Becca tells Greenlee that she is sorry for accusing her but that she's happy that the other girl helped them solve the mystery. Greenlee says that she didn't do it for her; she did it for Leo.

the hospital

Dimitri is standing just behind the corner with tears in his eyes as he listens to Alex. Dixie comes to be with him and David joins Alex. David suggests a walk and Dixie pushes Dimitri back to his room. He's just having a hard time to coping with all this. Dixie tells him that he's responding well to treatment and just might beat this thing. 

the park

Joe and Gillian are talking. They are talking about her marriage to Jake.  He tells her that when they first got married; he was worried about their feelings for each other. But, his feelings toward them have changed. David and Alex show up. Alex wants to know if they are all right. Gillian says yes and asks Alex the same thing. Alex says she's fine just a little blue.   Joe and Gillian leave and leaves David and Alex talking. Erica shows up and as usual she jumps to the wrong conclusions. 

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