All My Children Update Wednesday 8/02/00

All My Children Update Wednesday 8/02/00

By Merilee

the studio

Haley and Becca are talking. Becca is telling her she thinks she made a big mistake. She tells her that she doesn't think Leo is responsible. She then tells Haley about the Victor Virgin Website. She describes it as a site with her picture on it and that there are bets taken on when she loses her virginity. Haley asks her if she's sure. Becca says yes; she's sure. At that point Vanessa comes in and wants to talk to Haley. She has this idea that she can help her on the show. She has this idea about being a consultant for being a representative for the older woman. They talk some more and Haley tells her to leave a resume and then leaves. Vanessa spies Becca and asks her about Leo. She says that she hasn't seen him in a while and is wondering how he is doing. Becca tells her that he is just fine.

Mateo's place

Mateo is taking care of business when a happy Tina shows up and announces that she did it. He asks her what and she says that she has asked Adrian to dinner at her place and that he accepted. But she says that she needs some help. He asks her what she needs and she tells him. He points her to the kitchen and tells her to take whatever she needs. Meanwhile, Adrian is talking to Opal. She trows her arms around him and tells him not to leave the country again without telling her. He promises that he'll tell her if the time ever arises again but then he also has to tell her that he didn't find Jake. Opal says she feels so bad for the Martins. She then asks if Adrian can't call her Mom. She realizes she missed all those years with him but points out that Tad calls her Mama. He thinks for a moment and then calls her just that. He says that Petey and Tad call her Mama and he's not one to break family tradition. Opal is a very happy person as she leaves.  Tina comes up and Adrian asks her if they are still on for tonight. The next thing, we see is Tina and Mateo are coming out of the kitchen with boxes. They try to sneak to the door but are stopped. Adrian leaves and Haley, Mateo, and Opal wish him a good dinner. He asks them if everybody knows what he and Tina are doing. Mateo yells after him to be sure to use the right fork.

the hallway of Ryan's apartment

Greenlee and Ryan are arguing when Leo comes into the picture. He tries to step into the middle of the argument but she tells him to mind his own business. She turns to Ryan and tells him that he'd better figure out whose feet he had better kiss. Leo reaches for her and starts to give her a long kiss when she breaks away. "What the hell was that all about?" Just then the door opens and the man tells Ryan that there's a phone call for him. He goes in but before he shuts the door he tells her that they are not finished.  Leo tells Greenlee to shut up that she'll blow everything she has worked for. He also tells her that he wants to apologize for everything that happened. That he doesn't blame her. He says he can't afford to lose his best friend.

at the roadside

Brooke tells Jim that she is thankful for him saving her. She didn't realize that she was in danger. They go back to the car and Eliot fixes the tire and they continue on to the hospital. 

at the hospital

Brooke is frantically looking for Jamie when the doctor walks in with blood on his gloves. "Oh God" The doctor relaxes her and tells her that Jamie will be fine. He lost a lot of blood because of the cut on his head and that he will have a scar but the hair should cover it up. Jamie is wheeled in by a nurse. Brooke anxiously tells her son that she is glad to see him and gives him a big hug. The doctor explains that he wants to keep him in the hospital for the night and then in the morning; he would probably go back to camp. She wants to stay with him but he tells her that he'll be fine vy himself. She then realizes that her little boy is not so little, anymore.  Brooke and Jim leave. (don't know how they changed cars; but they did) She drives him back to the church. She asks him about Statesville but he tells her that she has enough to worry about. Before he gets out of the car, she gives him a quick kiss. He goes into the church, looks up at the altar and asks why.

Mateo's place

I think Leo has figured out that Scott is the one who set up the website. He tells Greenlee this and lets her know that he is going to settle the score with Scott Chandler.

Sorry for the blank spaces. There was a breaking news story and I'm about as frustrated as I can get. 

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