All My Children Update Tuesday 8/01/00

All My Children Update Tuesday 8/01/00

By Merilee

the tv studio

Haley and Becca discuss the late guest. Just then Greenlee shows up and all hell breaks loose. They make a mess of the studio. Leo finally grabs a hold of Greenlee and the fighting stops. Greenlee accuses Becca of starting all this mess. She says that she did not start the website and she thinks Becca did to plot some sort of revenge. Things cool down and Leo says that he thinks Greenlee started the site. She reminds him that she has been stuck on an island for the past two days. Becca says that she doesn't think Greenlee started it; she thinks Leo did. Greenlee leaves announcing that she has a true love to be with. Leo tells Becca that he has dug further into the site.  He tells her that there is a lot of math involved in this and he's just not smart enough to figure out these kinds of things.

Ryan's apartment

Adrian is working on the computer when Gillian walks in. He takes a brief glance and informs her that Ryan is not here. She says that she doesn't want to see him; she wants to see Adrian. She has a map and wants him to show her where Jake's helicopter went down. Adrian shows her and is talking to her when Ryan walks in. Adrian makes for the door but turns around and tells them that he hopes when Jake does come home that they give him a chance to catch his breath. A little bit later, after Gillian has gone, some of Ryan's investors show up. They talk about his new office space for his company.  They leave and Greenlee shows up. The Asian man reassures her that Ryan will never know about her investment. Greenlee opens the door and walks in and two men try to ban her from the apartment. Ryan appears and tells her that she is welcome. They back off and the two of them go out in the hall. He reminds her of the fact that she is not a partner in the business and he does not think it's appropriate for her to show up all the time.

the church

Eliot and Brooke are talking. He reminds her of the fact that Jackson said that he had seen him somewhere before in Statesville Prison and that Eliot had told him that he was a chaplain. He continues his story and tells her that there is more. He was an assistant chaplain and in fact he was an inmate. Brooke's cell phone rings and she pulls it out of her purse to answer. It's Jamie's camp counselor and she has some bad news. There was a ball game and he was hit in the head with a bat. She hangs up and explains to Eliot what happened. He says that he wants to help her. She hands him the phone and he calls the camp director. It is found out that there was a deep cut in his head and that the ambulance took him to the hospital. Brooke tells the director to tell Jamie that his mother is on the way.

Sounds of Salsa (or whatever they call it)

Tina has just taken an order and gives it to Mateo. He examines the bill and tells her that it's counterfeit and that her customer stiffed them last week, too. He tells her to go in the back and call the police and he'll take care of the customer. She tells him that she's perfectly capable of taking care of the man. Tina goes back over to the table and starts talking to the man.  After a few minutes, he announces that he has to leave. She tells him that he can't and tries to block him off from leaving. He starts to put his hands on her and Mateo reappears and knocks him out. The cops arrive and take him away along with the phony bill. Mateo tells Tina to take the night off.  Adrian shows up and he asks Tina to dinner. She says no but asks him to her place for dinner. He accepts.

Eliot's car

Eliot and Brooke are on their way to Jamie's camp. She asks him why he is stopping the car. He explains that he has a flat and that he has to change it. Brooke is very unhappy about the time that he is taking and tells him that if they are not moving in 3 minutes that she will start hitchhiking.   She pulls out her cell phone and starts walking. Eliot hears a truck honking and yells for Brooke. He pulls her out of the way and they go back to the car.  

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