All My Children Update Monday 7/31/00

All My Children Update Monday 7/31/00

By Merilee

Erica's house

Bianca is still talking to the portrait of her mother. She hears a male voice and turns around. Leo is standing there half undressed wearing a bathrobe and eating a box of cereal. He properly introduces himself and guesses that she must be Bianca; Erica's daughter. They sit down and he shares the cereal with her. They talk about each others mothers. She says that Erica hates Vanessa and then she apologizes for saying it. He tells her that it's okay. She asks him why he lived with her all these years. "Why don't you live with your father?" He says that he is a (excuse me) "bastard" child through and through. He asks her long she is going to stay. She says that she is not sure. There is a knock at the door and he says that it is Greenlee. He lets her in and introduces the two girls. Bianca excuses herself and Leo practically starts grilling Greenlee. He says that he broke up their first date with that fake phone call from Opal. She whines that she needed him. He finally tells her that he knows that the bet is back on. She says that she has forgotten all about the bet. He tells her that he knows all about the Virgin website. She tells him that she has no idea what he is talking about. He keeps arguing with her. She finally tells him that there friendship is through and she leaves in a huff.

Chandler Enterprises

Tad is showing Opal and Marion the plans for CoMar when Liza and Barry walk in. Tad tells the two women where it is and and wants to show them where the building will be. Opal goes with him but Marion says she has something to discuss with Liza. Barry says that he will go get some coffee. Liza wants him to go make those phone calls. Liza asks her mother why she didn't bring Adam to the office last night. Her mother says that she didn't want to.  Meanwhile, out in the hall, Barry is on the phone with Adam. Barry says that he has no idea what the plans for CoMar are. He tells Adam that Tad has shown Opal and Marion the plans. Adam wants Barry to stick with Marion.  Barry comes back in the office and asks Marion to go to lunch with him. She says that she'll think about it. Barry leaves and Opal tells her friend to be careful.

the hotel restaurant David is enjoying his breakfast when Dixie stops by with some papers for him to sign. She tells him that she had a terrible dream last night. It was about Dimitri and she was chasing him. Meanwhile, Arlene makes her way to the bar. She orders a drink and starts drinking when Eliot joins her. He starts pressuring her about her conscience. She moves to a table but he follows her. She tells the reverend that she thinks he has something to hide. Tad and Liza come in and Tad kisses his wife. David execuses himself and tells Tad to sit down. Liza goes to the bar and Arlene follows her.  Arlene tells Liza that she is happy that she gave up Adam because now she has him. Liza gets up and goes to a table and Tad joins her. She tells him about the conversation that she just had with Arlene.

Brooke's office

Brooke is just finishing up a note to Jamie when Edmund walks in. He tells her that he has finally scored the interview and he will be leaving for Washington this afternoon. In come Maddie and Alex. Maddie has a drawing that she wants to show her father. She says that it is a picture of Alex.  He gives it back to her and she and Alex go to make copies. Edmund tells Brooke that it's almost time to go and that he'd better leave.

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