All My Children Update Friday 7/28/00

All My Children Update Friday 7/28/00

By Merilee

Becca's room

Becca is really laying some heavy kissing and hugging on Leo. (It's really disgusting) She keeps building it up until she has him right where she wants him. She asks him to sit down and close his eyes and slowly count to 5. He opens his eyes and she is standing there holding a big computer printout of the website. She starts blaming him and he keeps telling her over and over that he did not do it. Leo looks at the computer and sees the evidence for himself. He gets up and with a knowing look on his face leaves. Becca follows him to the door that she is not finished with him.

Esther's trailer

She has grilled some trout outside and brings a plate in for her and one for Stuart. Esther says that it is delicious and asks him how it is. He says that he doesn't eat trout; that he just catches them and throws them back.  She asks him if he remembers something. He asks her if he ever went fishing.  She says no that where they lived; they didn't have a place to fish. She asks him if he's going to eat. He says no and she says that she won't eat it either. She takes both plates and leaves. He gets up and looks at the date on the calendar. He wonders why this date is so important. He figures that he's supposed to meet somebody but who. He hears a familiar voice. Early the next morning, he leaves a message for Esther to tell her that he's going fishing and that he'll be back in a few days.

Chandler Enterprises

Liza is on the phone to her mother. She wants her to try and get Adam to Chandler Enterprises tonight. She wants him to see her with Tad. She hangs up and Tad walks in. He wants to know what's so important that he has to work tonight. She explains to him that they need to go over the plans because they need to give their answer tomorrow. Meanwhile, Adam and Barry are lurking out in the hall. Adam wants his friend to go in with Liza and Tad and distract them so he can get the information he needs. Barry opens the door and stumbles in. Liza looks up and wonders what he is doing there.   He beats around the bush and asks for a drink of water. Tad agrees and says that it looks like Barry is going to faint and all three of them leave the office. Adam sneaks in and begins snapping pictures of the plans. Before he finishes he hears them coming back and beats a hasty retreat out the window. Liza and Tad come back in and start going over the plans. They both agree that if nothing had happened to Stuart that neither of them would be here. Tad says that he will spring for a cup of coffee and they bobth leave.  Adam comes back in and start looking around the office. He spies a picture of him and Stuart. He picks it up and hears a familiar voice. Stuart is standing in front of him and tells him that they have to go. Barry comes back in and Adam tells him that plans have changed. He's going fishing.

Erica's house

David looks on as Erica hugs her daughter. Erica wants to know why she's here so early. Bianca explains that she caught an early flight and grabbed a taxi. David leaves and Erica tells her daughter that she was sick and tired of Barbara complaining about her beloved daughter. Erica goes upstairs and Bianca looks up at the picture of her mother. "You messed it up again, didn't you."

the airport

Edmund grabs Alex before she leaves. He tells her that he couldn't face the truth of Dimitri's death but he can now. That was the only thing stopping him from making a commitment and now he's ready to give himself totally.  Dimitri witnesses the whole thing.  

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