All My Children Update Thursday 7/27/00

All My Children Update Thursday 7/27/00

By Merilee

Chandler Enterprises

Adam comes in and Liza and Tad break apart. Adam starts lashing into Tad when Dixie walks in. She wants Tad to go with him but is unsure of whether to leave Liza or not. Adam says that he needs to talk to her. Liza assures Tad that she'll be all right and Tad and Dixie leave. Adam says that he needs to have $2,000 in order for him to get the bar going. She tells him that she will not give him any money to throw away on anything. He complains that it's his money. She says that she's looking out for the best interests.  The phone rings and she tells the payroll clerk to give Tad a bonus. Then, she tells him to make it permanent. She hangs up and Adam tells her that he's going to ruin CoMar. She fills out a check and hands it to him. She tells him to make it last and to get out and not come back.

the Valley Inn restaurant

David is proposing to Erica. She says that she accept but on oe condition.  She wants him to tell her the truth about Alex. She feels that it's unfair because Dixie knows and she's only his secretary. He says that he can't betray a patient's confidentiality. She gets upset and runs out with him not far behind her. Dixie and Tad are sitting at a table close by. She tells her husband that she had a feeling that David was proposing marriage and that Erica said "no". Tad tells his wife that he isn't comfortable leaving Liza alone with Adam and that he'd better get back. His wife points out to him that Jake is still missing and that he should take it easy and be with the family. Tad tells her that he's better off at work keeping his mind occupied. His cell phone rings and it's Liza telling him to get back to the office as soon as possible.

the island

Leo is just starting to wake up and Greenlee asks him how he feels. He says he feels fine when he says he remembers something. He remembers eating the berries and her doing the heimlech maneuver and then he remembers that his stomach hurt very bad after that. They look like they are about ready to kiss when a huge net falls on them. As they are trying to get out, two little girls from a nearby camp come out of the woods. The scoutmaster helps the trapped two out of the net. One of the girls takes Greenlee's hand and they move away. She asks for Greenlee's hand and tells her that she only has one love line and that the boy she is with is her lover. Leo comes over to them and tells Greenlee that they have to go. He's got a message from Becca and he has to go. 

Becca's room

She opens the door and let's Scott in. He gives her some flowers and asks her out? He wants to take her to the motel that his father used to take Marion to. She says maybe later but that she has plans for tonight. She admits to him that it's for Leo. Scott leaves and a little while later Leo shows up. She opens the door to him and she's standing in a black negligee.  She invites him in and they start to really kiss.

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