All My Children Update Wednesday 7/26/00

All My Children Update Wednesday 7/26/00

By Merilee

the restaurant

Alex and Edmund are still sitting at the table.  She is convinced that something is wrong between the two of them.  He assures her that he loves her more than ever.  She wants to know what is wrong because she senses there is something.  He looks at her and tells that she is right but that he is going to fix it.  He runs out of the room.

David's office

David hands Dixie some work that he has proofread and tells her that she has done a fantastic job.  She takes the paper and thanks him.  She wants to know about Dimitri; why won't David tell Edmund that he is dying.  David tells her that he doesn't think it's right either but he is respecting Dimitri's wishes.  She has a hard time understanding this and starts talking about miracles.  She feels that if Dimitri sees Alex; it might make his upcoming death a little more comfortable.  He again informs her that he's respecting his patient's wishes.  He also reminds her that when she thought she was dying that she didn't tell Tad.  Before Dixie can answer that, Edmund bursts in.  He wants to know where his brother is.  David says that he is sorry to have to tell him this but Dimitri died this morning.  He had him shipped out to an island hospice where he died.  Edmund says that he wants to know exactly where; he wants to bring the body home.  David replies that he can't do that because the body was cremated.  Edmund leaves and Dixie tears into David.  "Why did you just lie to him?" (I almost forgot)  David has told Dixie that he is going to ask Erica to marry him.  He tells her that he feels he is ready. (Sorry, that this is out of order.)

Alex's place

Alex is busy packing when there's a knock at the door.  Gillian comes in and stops when she sees the open suitcase.  "Are you leaving?  I'm going home."  Gillian leaves and Alex resumes packing.  She sees a picture of Edmund and the kids on the mantel and wraps it in a pair of slacks and put it in the suitcase.  She closes the case and slowly walks out the door.

Adam's bar

Barry comes in and he and Adam go to a corner table to talk.  Barry tells him that Tad and Liza are going to change the name of Chandler Enterprises to CoMar.  He says that Liza is meeting with an architect this morning.  Adam mutters under his breath and tells his friend that he is going to do something; he's just not sure what.  Barry gets up to leave, starts to tell Adam something and changes his mind.  He leaves and Haley sits down.  She and her father start talking about things and Haley brings up the point of going back to Chandler Enterprises.  He tells her that he is never going back; that his life is the bar now.  She asks him why he went to the board meeting.  He says that it was a moment of stupidity.  She tells her father that he needs to go off someplace by himself.  Arlene comes to join them and Adam tells her of his plans.  She gets very excited but Adam informs her that she is staying in Pine Valley.  Adam and Arlene get up and Mateo comes over to the table. Haley informs her husband that Adam is going away.  He wants to know if Arlene is going with him.  She doesn't know.  He pulls out his wallet and makes a bet with his wife.  Meanwhile, Adam informs his wife that the trip is a coverup.  That he is really going away to plot out his next move and that he needs her to stay here.  "Go shopping and buy yourself something expensive."  Haley and Mateo move to the bar and she tells her husband to pay up.

Chandler Enterprises

Liza is busy setting up when Tad walks in.  She tells him that they won't need the architect after all.  She wants him to go on a ride with her to check out a vacant building.  Tad says that he is tired and has alot of work to do.  The phone rings and Tad picks it up.  Adrian explains that they found the helicopter in tact but that there were no bodies.  He hangs up and calls his parents.  The other phone rings and Liza picks up.  It's a security guard and he tells her that Adam is on his way up and what should he do.  She tells him to stall him for a little while and then send him up.  Liza and Tad hang up, and she tells him that it looks like he needs a hug.  They are hugging when Adam walks in.

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