All My Children Update Tuesday 7/25/00

All My Children Update Tuesday 7/25/00

By Merilee

I'm beginning to hate the news but it always interrupts just when things are getting good.  We had two today.  One local and one international.  So, today's AMC was cut short and I'll try to give you a good account.

the Santos apartment

Haley is surprised when Mateo wants to help her out at Adam's new bar.  Haley wants to leave but Mateo says hold on.  "I have something for you."  He hands her a box and says "Happy Anniversary."  Haley remarks that it's only been a month.  Mateo says that it's been 39 days and gives her a big box.  (still trying to figure out what it is because that's when the first news report came in.  All I heard was the number 39)

the Mausoleum

Dixie is standing outside deciding whether or not to go in.  She goes in and Edmund turns around and asks her what she is doing there.  (news report)  The next thing I see; Dimitri is in there with Dixie.  She hands him some medicine and tells him that David wants him to take these.  After, he takes them; she wants to know why he won't at least tell Edmund the truth.  "Tad's brother is missing and he is going crazy not knowing."  Dimitri tells her that this is not the same thing.  He says that he feels better and that the pills are finally starting to work. 

Adam's bar

Haley and Mateo tell Adam that they believe he needs a bookkeeper and that's what they are there for.  Adam reluctantly agrees.  (another news report) Adam comes back to the counter and asks Arlene what the flowers are for.  She says that they are to brighten up the place.  Adam says that this is a bar; all that he's concerned with is serving drinks.  He tells her to take them away.

Tina's apartment

Adrian is back and he's in Tina's apartment.  (I don't know how)  He is watching a sleeping Tina as she slowly begins to wake up.  "Is that really you?  Sure is."  She touches his hand and her hand goes up his arm.  She hugs him and tells him that she's glad he's back safe and sound.  Adrian admits that he probably wouldn't be back but that the American MP's escorted him back to the plane and told him to go home.

the restaurant

Brooke and Alex are sitting at a table talking when Edmund walks in.  Alex's beeper goes off and she says it's the hospital and she has to go answer it. She leaves and Brook tells Edmund that she just lied for him.  (sorry, I don't know what was said)  Brooke asks for the truth and Edmund looks very guilty.  She asks Edmund if he still loves Alex.  He tell her that he does but something has changed.  Alex has come back in and hears the conversation between the two.  Brooke leaves and Alex sits down.  She wants to know if what Edmund say is true then she asks him what the change is.  Another guilty look.

I sincerely hope that I can bring you a better update tomorrow.  This has been very frustrating to me not knowing the key stuff.

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