All My Children Update Monday 7/24/00

All My Children Update Monday 7/24/00

By Merilee

Good afternoon AMC lovers.  Time for another update

Ryan's apartment

Becca has found the "Victor" website with her picture on it.  She gets up and starts pacing the floor.  "Who could be doing this?"   Ryan sits down and looks at the screen.  "According to these numbers; they've been taking bets on when you lose your virginity."  "Then that's why that plant came with a condom.  She sits back down and starts typing again.  "Oh my God.  Somebody has been following me.  He knows all about me and my dates with Leo.  Do you suppose Leo is Victor"?

the restaurant

Liza and Tad are sitting at their table when Barry stumbles in.  He sees the two of them and stumbles to their table.  He tells Liza that he is there when she needs him.  Tad and Liza inform him that they are waiting on an important guest.  Barry informs them that he'd be glad to help in any way he can.  Liza politely refuses him and says maybe next time.  Barry agrees, gathers up his briefcase and leaves.  Ryan comes in and gives them the reports on  The two of them look the reports over and tell Ryan that they're going to give him the money.  Ryan leaves.  Liza looks at Tad and says that it's amazing; that she's giving all this money to a former con man.  Gillian and her grandmother walk in.  Gillian asks Tad if he has heard from Adrian.  He says no.  Meanwhile, Ryan comes back and beckons to Gillian's grandmother.  She makes her apologies and goes to see what he wants.  He wants to ask her a favor and whispers something in her ear.  She goes back and relays the message to her granddaughter.  Gillian goes to meet Ryan in the wine cellar.  She informs him that there has been no news on Jake and that they haven't even heard from Adrian.  She also wants to know if he has told Greenlee about them.

the island

Once, again, Leo has come to the rescue but there is a problem. Greenlee points out that he forgot to tie up the boat when he got to shore.  "No problem", and he pulls out his cell phone.  She grabs the phone from him and complains that there's no dial tone.  He tries to make a call and then finds out that there is no transmission.  She grabs the phone from him and throws it in the water.  She says she is hungry and he goes to look for food.  She is dreaming about Ryan when Leo comes back and hands her a dead fish.  He tells her that he got it but it was her job to clean it.  "How do you do that?  You have to clean the guts out and take the head off.  I don't like looking at that.  Where did you catch this?  Did you spear it?"  He finally admits that he found it on the sand.  She throws it back in the water and yells to him that they could have gotten sick off of it.  No telling what the fish died of.

the bar

Adam is tending bar when Arlene comes up to hug him.  He says that he sees some empty glasses that need filling.  Haley steps forward to save the day. Adam asks don't you have a television show to shoot?  "Not this afternoon. I'm all yours."  Arlene hugs her.  While all this is going on, Brooke and the reverend (can't remember his name. Could somebody tell me?) walk in and go to sit down.  Arlene gets a phone call from Marilyn.  Marilyn wants to know if it's true that Stuart got hit by a car and that's how he lost his memory. Arlene says no and it would be better for her not to call anymore.  She'll call her.  She hangs up the phone and the reverend wants to know if she hit somebody with her car.  She tells him to mind his own business.  Barry comes in and makes a beeline for Adam.  He informs him that Tad and Liza were waiting for an important potential client.  Adam wants to know what for.  He doesn't know but he did hear mention of the name "Ryan".  Adam said that Ryan is starting up a website and that he didn't want Chandler money going for a project like that and he leaves.

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