All My Children Update Friday 7/21/00

All My Children Update Friday, July 21st, 2000 

By Merilee

the gym

Erica and Jackson are working out.  (You'd think that with all that huffing and puffing; she would learn to keep her mouth shut.  But, no.)  She's complaining about David and Vanessa and Leo.  Erica whines that no wonder David is the way he is.  With a lady like Vanessa for a mother.  Jack warns her to be careful; not to get too mixed up with that family. She states that it's kind of hard because his younger brother is staying in her house.

Ryan's apartment

Ryan is still very upset when there is a knock at the door.  He opens the door and Tad rushes in all smiles.  He tells Ryan that Liza is very excited to meet with him and is willing to discuss the money amount because of the fantasy.  Ryan tells Tad that the deal has fallen through at least for now. He tells Tad that the person had a very good explanation for calling it off
for now.

the homeless shelter

Becca is still very busy setting up for the buffet.  In walks the reverend, Opal, Marion, and Scott bearing food.  Scott asks Becca if she is all right and what she plans to do about finding this Victor.  She says she's not sure but she will find out.  Opal and Marion and the reverend take the food out to the hall.  Opal comes back in and announces to everybody that she has some bad news in a good way.  That there are at least 80 to 100 people standing in line.  They only have enough food for 60.  Marion tells everybody that she will go to the Silver Spoon and make arrangements to get some more food and she leaves and takes Scott with her.  Becca is busy cutting up more vegetables when in walks this guy with a plant.  He gives it to her and she opens the card.  Out falls a condom.  She looks shaken and then regains her composure.  Scott comes back and asks her where she got the plant.  She says that a delivery person brought it and shows him the condom that came with it. Again she states that she is going to find out who this "Victor" is. Later, she asks Brooke how to find a cyber lover.  Brooke tells her the best thing she can do is to check out the chat rooms.  Becca agrees and leaves.

Ryan's apartment

Becca is sitting at the computer and asks Ryan for help.  He comes over and presses some buttons and then asks her if she'll be okay by herself because he has an appointment in an hour and he needs to get ready.  Becca assures him that she is and she starts to work by herself.  Leo comes in and they are surprised to see each other.  He has just asked her out on a date when Ryan walks back in.  Leo asks,  "what are you doing here?  Aren't you supposed to
be on an island, somewhere?  How did you know?  You know how Greenlee is. She didn't tell me who it was.  It was postponed."  Leo makes a hasty retreat.

the island

Poor Greenlee is still looking for Ryan on the island.  She even goes so far as to set up some things for a romantic get together.  It gets later and later and darker and darker.  Pretty soon, all the noises start spooking her. Suddenly, somebody pops out of the bushes and makes a lunge towards her. 

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