All My Children Update Thursday 7/20/00

All My Children Update Thursday, July 20, 2000

By Merilee

It was a good show today.  Stories were fantastic and the stories were great!

 the gym

Brooke is working out when she gets a surprise visitor.  She's lifting weights when the kindly reverend takes it for her.  He tells her that she should be working with a spotter.  Brooke asks him to work out with her since she just started.  He agrees and they start talking when Erica walks in.  She asks him where he hides his collar when he works out.  Brooke and the reverend laugh.  Erica turns to leave but not before she can get one last dig to Brooke in.  "You need a bath."  When she is out of earshot, Brooke tells her off.  She tells the reverend that she's in the mood for kickboxing.  "Just kidding."

the homeless shelter

Leo and Becca are busily cutting up vegetables.  Greenlee walks in and grabs Leo.  "I need your help.  Didn't you get my message?"  "The one about you wanting me to help you get to a deserted island?  That's the one.  Will you help me?  No."  Leo wants to know what will happen at the island.  "I will be alone with Ryan."  He wants to know how.  She tells him that Ryan is due on the island today to bring a load of things for the fantasy.  Leo wants to know what will happen with the helicopter.  "That's easy.  I bribed the pilot to leave."  Leo wants to know what will happen if this doesn't work.  Greenlee assures him that it will work.  He leaves and she's left alone on the island.

David's office

David is looking over Dimitri's file when Dixie walks in.  She wants to know how David is going to help Dimitri.  He takes some papers out of the file that will hide Dimitri's true identity and puts the rest of the file on Alex's desk.  He tells Dixie that Alex is sure to help.  Alex comes in and David tells her that they have a chance to help somebody else that has some of the same symptoms that Dimitri has.  Alex wants to know why it came to him and David said that it didn't but since Alex wasn't in the office; he took it.  Alex starts telling David about the comparisons of Dimitri's blood test and this file.  Erica is standing right outside and bursts into the office and demands to know why they're talking about Dimitri.  She calls Alex a hypocrite and Alex explains to her that she is talking about him because the person in this file has the same sort of disease that Dimitri had.  She just wants to help. 

the homeless shelter

Becca is being pestered by a guy named Richard.  He has heard of "Victor" and wants to help.  "Who is Victor", she wants to know.  Scott comes in and chases the guy off.  "Are you okay?" he wants to know.  She reassures him but she is going to do some research.  He gets scared when she tells him that she's going to find out who "Victor" is.

Ryan's apartment

Ryan gets a phone call from the rock star's people.  The fantasy will have to be put off for a while.  He hangs up and crumples the contract.  It seems that there was a lot riding on it. 

Poor Greenley.  On the island by herself.  Who will come to her rescue?

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